Friday, December 11, 2015

Middle school Christmas concert.

 This was my middle grand daughter Coryn"s last middle school Christmas band concert. She'll be in high school next year. And I heard her say she was probably going to join the high school band! If so, she will be the first to do it. Both my girls were in band all 3 years of their middle school. But didn't do the high school band. And Chloe, the oldest grand daughter, didn't either. I really hope Coryn does, because Dade Co. High is a really good band.

Her band teachers  are married and are the teachers for both the middle and high schools. There are also several little bands and groups in both schools. Most are student led too. Just a really good strong band.

The 6th grade played first. Oh my, I could really see a huge difference in 6th, then 7th. And 8th was just amazing! Like a real orchestra. And one of the trumpet players had competed in a national competition with over 200 other trumpet players and got 2nd chair. Pretty impressive.

Coryn is 2nd to last in this picture. With the long blond hair.

And she's the one with the hand in front of her face here. Not good pictures. I couldn't get her attention for a few minutes.

                                                           And here's the whole band.

             Coryn Fiona. She so cute. 13 years old already. And a middle child. I am too. I am SO proud of her!


Abby said...

Mom, Coryn is 14 now. She had a bday in Nov.

Kris said...

Well, it wasn't that long ago she was just 13!