Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just some more wooly things. And dinner.

 I started spinning this pretty roving I got at SAFF from Heelside Farms. It's Border Leicester. It's looking like blue jean material as I spin it. I got 2 big rovings of this. And 2 darker blue rovings.

Isn't this pretty? Now I'm not sure what to ply it with. I have some white Marino I need to spin, so thought about plying that with this. Or just spin another bobbin of this and ply together? I would get more if I used the white with it though. Any suggestions?

And I've been making dryer balls the past few days too. I added colored wool to the white as I was carding it. I think they turned out cute. But smaller than I usually make them.

And for dinner, I made the sausage, kale and potato casserole from the new Taproot magazine that just came out. It is good! So glad I made it. I had all the ingredients, except Worcestershire sauce, so I used a little bit of organic soy sauce. Really simple recipe. From Ashley English. She has a blog called Small Measure. Check it out.

Saturday is the Bazaar Christmas Bazaar at Grace Episcopal Church in Brainerd. We get to go set up Friday afternoon. I am so glad. Because it's about 30 miles from here and takes SO long to unload and set everything up. Then I think I am done. I cannot hardly believe that 2 weeks from today will be Christmas Eve. Good grief, where has the time gone?

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An At Home Daughter said...

I think the Border Leicester looks really pretty. I would ply it with itself or maybe try plying it with some thread (I've never done it, but seen in books, its very pretty.) One thing to take into consideration when plying two different fibers together is that they will have different crimp = different requirements of twist, and could affect the yarn in a negative way.