Monday, December 14, 2015

Can I slow down now?

 I have been so busy these past few months. Getting ready for holiday markets. All the preparation and making and loading and unloading. Setting up and taking down. Loading back up, then unloading again. It is a lot of work, these little markets. But so fun and I really enjoy them. I love meeting new people and finding kindred spirits. I love talking to "goat" and "sheep" people. Making new friends.

But I am tired! And Christmas is next week!!! OMG! Really?

So I am going to slow down and take it easy for once. I am going to walk slowly. Eat slowly. Enjoy this time I have right now. Look at the sun rises and sun sets. Like yesterday morning. I had to get up early to get to Mrs. T's for the day. Walked outside to feed the masses and saw this. I had to stop and just look. Then I ran in to grab my camera and start snapping all these amazing pictures of God's awesome art work. Just amazing and beautiful and awesome. And it was like this all the way around where ever I looked too. I really want to be able to see the little things in life. Not be so rushed and hurried like I usually am these days. Be more like a turtle, not a rabbit.

                                               This was just a few minutes later. Just beautiful.


                                                        And still a few minutes later.

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Abby said...

I saw this too! It was amazing!