Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hand knits. And more soap.

Yesterday, I got to make 3 batches of soap! 2 that morning, then another when we got home. We went to the dump, with a truckload of junk that I cleaned from the house.

So I made Spiced Mahogany and Cedar Safron first. They are on the left. Then when I got back home, I made more Dragon's Blood. It is not black like the first batch I made last month. I wonder why? I can't remember which crock pot I used the first time. But one cooks hotter than the other one. I used the slower one last night for this soap. Maybe it'll darken up as it cures? I will see. I hope it comes out of this mold too. My niece made it and it's a bit tall and goes in a little at the top. Makes it hard to get the soap out.

I had to buy a new scale and another stick blender too. This makes the 4th one so far. I still have the 3rd one, but it's a bit slow. But the new one is a Hamilton-Beach and is super fast. On both speeds. I have to hold the lid up so the soap doesn't splatter me. I did get some lye under my left thumb nail. Really feels like a bad burn. Not fun.

Tomorrow, I'll make 3 more soaps. Have to get ready for 3 holiday markets. Gotta get busy!

I made 2 pockets for my sweater. Just have to get them sewn on now. And I need a really big button. Big.

 This is a hat I knit with some of the yarn I got at SAFF. It's a pattern I found in Taproot magazine that I really love. It's so easy to follow the pattern too. And the other hat I knit I sold.  It doesn't really capture the pretty color in this picture. But I love it.

 And some leg warmers I knit with my ewe Darla's wool. They are so heavy and think and man are they warm! I love them. When I was about halfway done with the first one, on the left, I thought it might be a good idea to write down what I was doing. So the 2nd one is a bit bigger. I must have used a bigger needle, which I forgot to write down. But I actually like it better. It goes on easier and is not so tight at the ankle. So I am learning as I go.

Also on my sweater, I learned to bind off on larger needles. I did not know that on the neck or bottom, that's why they are tighter and won't stretch like I want. So little things like that make it easier. Also, to use a smaller needle when doing the ribbing.

So, off to spend the day with my mom. And a few errands. And lots of shopping! Which reminds me, I bought a pair of jeans yesterday in size 16. I didn't try them on at the store. I put them on this morning, and they fit!!!!!!!! So down from a size 20, sometimes 22, to a 16! Cool, right? I would love to be at least a size 12 by March though.


Kim said...

Love the soap. Glad to hear you are getting ready for some holiday markets. And wow on the 16's! That is super great. Look out 12's here she comes!

Kris said...

Thank you Kim! Slowly but surely.