Monday, November 16, 2015

It came!!!

I ordered a yarn swift last Thursday from Knit Picks. It came today! I am so excited to finally have a swift! I've already wound up a ball of hand spun yarn and I love it. It's so much easier than laying the skein down on the table and it getting all tangled up. Or having my poor husband hold a skein in his hands so I can manually wind it up into a ball. I am sure this will be used a lot!

I also made my first ever finger-less gloves. I made a hat with this same yarn, so decided to make a set with hat, gloves and a scarf. I think the gloves could have been longer? What do you think? I've never made any before, so I am learning. And I knit them flat and sewed them together. I think next time I'll go ahead and knit in the round. And make them a bit longer. But it was fun and I will be making more.

What have y'all been working on? It's just the right knid of weather for knitting. Or crocheting. Or quilting. Or just making. Right?


Kim said...

I love the gloves, I wear fingerless gloves all the time. They keep the blood warm at the wrist which keeps your whole hand warm. Also sometime use them as liners under a pair of wool shooters mittens. I am glad to see you are happy with your new toy. I am learning to weave. So last week was the first story about my weaving tales on my blog. Tomorrow will be the first ever "weaving wednesday".

Abby said...

Hey that's so cool. Mom keep up the creativeness.