Monday, November 9, 2015

Just busy busy! And a sweater.

This is the first day in weeks I have bee home all day. So this morning, I told my husband to back the truck up to the kitchen door. I started in the laundry room. Took load after load of trash and junk out to the truck. Then went into the tv room. More and more junk went to the truck. Also in the kitchen. So now the truck is just about full and ready for a trip to the dump.

I also have about 20 gallon jugs and 9 2 1/2 qt jugs for my friend Sarah, who has milk cows. I don't need all those jars with just 2 goats. Also will take her all my grains for making bread, which I will not be making anymore. I'll keep the oats. But she can have the rest. That cleared out the laundry room and I can actually fold clothes in the now! And see the floor! And after I take all those jars to Sarah, I'll have a whole empty counter! Feels SO good to get rid of so much junk.

AND, took 2 huge bags of stuff out of the bathroom. Good grief, where does it all come from?

Mow to get the son-in-law over here on a nice day to move some furniture out of the tv room. It really feels good in there now, but will be much better with the desk out. And the pie safe and table over here in the studio.

I have been working on my sweater at Mrs. T's and doctor's offices. I am finished with the sweater. Have it all woven in. I need to sew on a big button. And it needs blocked again. I also want to make 2 pockets. I learned a lot knitting this sweater. Like how to pick up stitches. How to make a button hole. How to increase. There are a lot of mistakes in the ribbing. I also learned to bind off using a larger size needle. Didn't know that on the neck and the bottom. But I did on the front sides. I think I might go ahead and start another sweater. I just love knitting now!

It's getting cold! I hope my husband made a fire in the stove when I go back over there. It's cold in the studio. Don't know what I'll do for heat over here. I think I might get one of those radiator heaters. There are 3 wall heaters in here, but goodness, they sure make the electric bill go sky high. There used to be a little wood heater over here, but when we put the new roof on, they covered the pipe hole. That'd be a lot of work heating this with wood.

I had a call from the event coordinator for Cloudland Station today. They are having a holiday event Nov. 28 and 29 from 12-7. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in coming again? Yes, I would! So I have got to get busy making more soap now. That'll be 3 holiday markets in a row I need to go to.

So just wanted to stop in and say hello. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. And that your week is awesome!


Kim said...

So glad to hear about all your cleaning out. It feels so good to get it out of the house. I heat my studio with one of those infrared heaters and it does a great job and does not even show on our heating bill.

Kris said...

Yes it does feel good. There is so much more that needs to go. I need to have a yard sale. But really dread doing that. Might just take stuff to a thrift store.