Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mrs. T.

Mrs. T is 97 years old. She tells everyone she's 100. We all just let it go now. If she wants to be 100, then 100 she shall be.

And this is what she does when she goes outside for a walk. She cannot just go out and enjoy the beauty of her yard. She has to work. She has always taken care of her almost 3 acre yard. It's called Azalea Hill. There must be over a hundred azaleas here. Her mother started planting them, then she added a lot more. It's beautiful in the spring. She used to have garden tours and garden parties. People come to take pictures. It's just amazing, this yard.

And when she would go out before, when she could go out and walk alone, she would always have an armload of sticks to take to her ever growing brush pile. She was always working, while walking.

So this is what she does now. I had wheeled her out to her "formal" garden, with this bench at the end for her to sit and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Then ram inside real quick to grab my camera. This is what I saw when I came back. She had reached down and got a stick and was raking the leaves at her feet. Typical mrs. T. Even though she can't really walk too good anymore, she can still do this.

I had to call her name several times to get her to look up. She's so beautiful. Just so photogenic. I love this lady.

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Abby said...

Beautiful story, and great picture of her.