Thursday, November 13, 2014

Going away!

I'm heading out in the morning for Brasstown, N. Carolina, for my spinning class! I'm so excited! I hope I can do this. I'm taking my spinning wheel, so I can see if they can get it going for me. If I'm going to be spinning on my wheel, I want to learn on it. And I'll take some of my roving too, just to make sure it's spinnable.

I am so ready for a weekend away. I hope my camera stays charged. I can't find my little charger.

I also hope it doesn't snow. There were flurries this afternoon here. And there will be a hard freeze tonight. And I did hear there could be snow where I'll be on Sunday. Not ready for that.

Y'all have a great weekend! Be back next week. Hopefully with some hand spun yarn. Wish me luck, y'all!

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Su Ba said...

You go girl! Have fun!