Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 I love trees. And something about bare trees, all naked and waiting to give birth to new leaves, is so awesome to me. And the first signs of little tiny baby green leaves makes me so happy! Like they're telling me that winter is finally over and new life will be popping up all over soon. Such a happy time.

And they seem to have so much character, these bare naked trees. All their curves and bends. Some are rough and some are smooth. Some are so old, they are just barely standing straight. Like the first strong wing that blows will just knock them to the ground.

Some grow up together, all entwined with their neighbor, but with no arguments, only love for each other. Some have stories to tell, if they could but talk. Oh, the sights some of these old trees have seen in their amazing lifetime. I would love to hear those stories.

Trees are amazing and I hope they will be around forever. And soon, these same trees will burst forth with beautiful leaves for all to see and enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bees all out all over the place today!!! Loaded with red and yellow pollen. oh, what a happy day!

Bees are doing well.

Yesterday, the bees were out.  Some were full of red pollen from the maple trees. They've had big fat buds on them for over a month now. I love seeing the bees coming back to the hive with legs all full of red pollen.

Lots of dead bees in front of the hive too. But that's a good sign. That means the live bees are cleaning house and making room for all the new bees that will be hatching soon.

You can see all the buds on the maple trees. So pretty. It's the 2nd day of March. And we will have lots of rain this week and a chance of more snow Thursday. They are calling for 1 1/2". So probably no school. Again. School was out Tuesday through Friday last week.

I am SO glad to tell February goodbye! It's been a crazy month. There is nothing but mud out there now. And I hate mud. I was just worn out this morning. I got a wagon full of old hay to lay down for a path for the sheep to walk on. And me. It just wears me out trudging through all this mud. Worse than sand. So, more rain and snow this week. Maybe we'll have dry ground one day.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The lamb and the hen.

Went out this afternoon to gather eggs. Can you see that black thing at the top of the hay bale?

It's a hen. She had the best ever nest in the top of this hay bale. Nice and comfy. She was there to stay for awhile.

   Til Cassidy, the sweet lamb, came to see what she was doing up there. All by herself. All comfy cozy.

           She asked the hen, "Can I see what'cha got in there? Is it something good? Huh? Huh?"

                                                                    And the hen left.

                                                                              The end.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow on trees...

 I love  bare trees covered in snow. It's so pretty.

And the big tall majestic cedar trees, bending with the weight of the heavy snow.

Husband went out and measured the snow on top of the Trooper. It was 6" Looks like so much more. In some places it is more.  We lost power last night about 11. Normally I wouldn't mind at all, except now we have well water. Which is run by an electric pump. So no power, no water. I have to have water, like all the time. We have wood heat, so we're ok there too. But water? That's scary. But it came back on a few hours later. I am SO thankful. My mom or Mrs. T never lost power either. I was so happy about that. If they did, I would have had no way to go get them. We are quite snowed in way out here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bad dogs and a braided kid head.

If you can see through the horribly awfully dirty nasty door, you can see the 2 horribly nasty very stinky bad dogs. I don't clean the storm doors but maybe when we have company coming over. We have 2 dogs.

They got out of the yard and went out back this afternoon. To the very nasty pond. And went swimming. Or maybe chased some geese. Or went fishing. Whatever they did, THEY STINK! Really bad.

They are now out in the side porch. Waiting for me to figure out what to do. Or spring. Which ever comes first. Because they are not coming back in the house like this. I mean really, they stink. I just went out to feed them and I almost got sick. It's gross.

And look at Bubba. He's like, " Um, Stella made me go. She wanted to go and I didn't. But she made me go back there. Can't you tell she's the bad one?" HA! It's all Bubba. Always is. He jumps the gates and she has to follow him. Just because.

But really, good grief they stink.

And this is Kansas' head. All braided up in little teensy tiny braids. She looks so cute. She already has 1 dread, wrapped in blue yarn. She hates to have her head touched. It was not fun for her. But she really hates to even wash her hair. So I've always said she should have dreads. I think one day she will have her whole head in dreads. Just because. But right now, it's braids.

So school was out today because there was a little snow last night. That's all gone now. But tomorrow we might could get up to 4". So probably no school the rest of the week. I'll leave the braids in til she goes back to school. I'm just afraid this is a bit too much for where she goes. She might get teased.

What do y'all think? I love these pictures of her.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A little progress.

I've got 24 of these Sunburst Granny squares made so far. (I'm using cotton yarn. Love it.) I love them and they are so easy and fast to make. And they're so pretty and colorful. I need colorful right now. Everything seems so black and white right now. Not very happy lately. Just seem to be plodding along, doing what needs to be done. I think, if I didn't have animals to feed, I wouldn't even get up in the mornings. Just blah, blah, blah. ugh. It's not just the weather. There are lots of other things going on that aren't good. I hope when the sun comes out and dries up all the muddy mess and grass starts growing again, maybe things will be better? But I don't know.

Here is some silliness. My youngest daughter Abby and her husband came out in the snow and brought us a bunch of things. Brought Kansas and Chloe some things to do. Hair stuff and make up. This is what they did with some of it. Kansas thinks she's a cat all the time anyway.  I won't put Chloe's picture on here. It's too sad.

It's a lot warmer here today. Husband just said he saw the sun! We're supposed to have some more freezing nights to come, but warmer days. So spring is on the way here!