Friday, September 9, 2016


I went out to the garden to get it ready for a tiller man to come til it up so I can plant Buckwheat and clover. I harvested all the big sunflower heads. While cutting them, I saw this one, full of the broken seeds from the birds. It's hanging down so made the perfect bird feeder for them.

I got about a bushel of seed heads to save for next year. I want to plant more than half the garden in sunflowers.

Then I went to the pear trees and got a big bucket of pears.  I cannot reach to the very top where there are lots more hanging. I guess I'll have to get a ladder later.

I canned 14 pints of ginger-cinnamon-cloves and honey pears. I used honey from my bees too. I love the color of these pears and I'm sure they will be so good.

I mowed the whole garden except the one row of dandelions and a round circle of wild daisies. He will be coming tomorrow to til.

I also pulled up all the stakes down where the tomatoes were. That was a job! There were so many tall weeds out there. Plus more than half was ragweed. But I've been having about a tablespoon of my honey every day now and I do believe that's helped with my allergies. So far anyway!

Then last night, before dark, I started putting wheel barrows full of that mulch around the garden shed. Then I decided to put some here where my garden chairs are. I'll add more tonight. It got dark so had to stop. I came out early this morning and sat here to watch the sun rise. Then started picking zinnias for market this afternoon.

This is the strawberry basil kombucha. It was SO good! I have another bottle. I will be making lots more of this.

I also spun more of the brownish-red alpaca from Misha. And trimmed some of the mugs and things I made the other day with that new clay. Not really sure how I like it yet. It was really hard to trim. I'll take all the things I've made to the studio tomorrow to get fired.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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Place Under The Pine said...

What a busy, and productive, day!
I've wanted to grow sunflowers to feed the birds...just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Maybe next year :)