Monday, September 5, 2016

More soap. And some flowers.

I made this soap yesterday. I put it in the freezer a few hours after I put it in the mold, hoping it wouldn't turn almost black the way this one usually does. It's Dragon's Blood, a fragrance oil blend.  Here is after cutting it last night.

And then this morning. It's already so dark. But smells amazing. This is a good seller for me.

This is a citrus soap I made Saturday. I love this one. It's got orange, lemon and lime EO's.

And Orange Clove made with Tazo Wild Orange tea and orange and clove EO's.

I was out in the garden yesterday evening while filling up the water trough. I noticed all these big beautiful zinnia flowers. They are SO pretty! The whole zinnia bed is looking good again with new and bigger blooms. I will pick some tomorrow for the market.

I have a number to call for a guy up the road who does tilling. I want my whole garden tilled so I can plant buckwheat and clover. Also need to plant kale and turnip greens.

There is a very different feel to the air these last few days around here. The mornings are so much cooler and also the nights. But the days are HOT! It even sounds different, with all the insects and birds. There were 2 birds out back this morning while I was hanging clothes. It sounds like they are saying "over here, over here, over here, over here" then the other one farther away will say the same thing. But they stay where they are. They never go over there.

I noticed the bees bringing in bright yellow pollen right now. I really need to see if I can harvest a little more honey from my big hive. Just need to find time in the afternoon to do it.

Y'all have a nice Monday and Labor Day!

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Abby said...

The soap looks like cupcakes, want to eat it :)