Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some new pottery

I decided to take some newer pottery to the market yesterday. Had a lot of nice compliments. And someone bought a yarn bowl! I love this yellow. I've never used it before. I bought some half and half clay this time, so all the glazes will look totally different, without the specks. A more shiny smooth finish.

I really like doing these flowers. This is another yarn bowl. (Sorry it came up twice.)

And some taller mugs finally. I have 4 of these. And a little mixing bowl with a handle and spout.

These are all for sale, if anyone is interested.


Abby said...

Very cool Mom

StrictlyMystic said...

Two questions: How many ounces are the large mugs, and will you be making any of those with flowers? The light background with flowers is so pretty!

Kris said...

The darker blue mugs are 8oz. I will be working on some taller mugs this week. I bought half and half clay this time so it might be easier for me to get things taller. And I'll make some with flowers too.