Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Trooper. And some shelves.

I am so relieved. This car has been sitting since July. I thought it was the transmission, so towed it to the shop in town. Not the transmission. They said to take it to the tire shop right up from them. It was drive able, but very loud. So took it over there. He said it was the rear end. And could possibly be around $3-4,000 to get fixed. So took it to Mrs. T's and it's been there ever since. Trying to figure out what to do with it.

So yesterday, we took it to the ZZ Top Shop in the valley, close to Mrs. T's house. (I call it the ZZ Top shop because all the guys there have really long hair and beards.) I had talked to Jerry, the owner, about it. He said to bring it in and they'd check it out.

Jerry just called. He had some pretty darn good news. It wasn't the rear end differential but the front! It's 4 wheel drive and he was thinking if it was the rear, it would be next to impossible to find one and it would be  really expensive. So the front! And bearings too. About $400!!!! I am beyond happy about this! Since it's been sitting so long, he's going to check the brakes and other things. He said this would take care of about 95% of the noise it's always had since I've had it. I am good with that! He said it'd be ready to go tomorrow too. And he doesn't take credit cards. So I'll have to figure out how to pay him. And get insurance back on it. And give her a good cleaning. It's been sitting under trees this whole time, so really turned it black. And it smells musty real bad inside. But I'll have my farm truck back! I sure have missed this ole gal.

It's just the best farm vehicle ever. I can get all sorts of animals in it. And hauls about 8 bales of hay in a pinch. And tons of grains too. Just a really good all purpose vehicle to have on a farm. And makes the best market truck too. I can get all my farmer's market stuff in it. And I am planning on going to a few markets this year.

Now, back to getting this place cleaned up and organized. I went last night to Home Depot and found these 2 shelves and another that's twice as big and tall. I love these little canvas baskets too. Now to figure out where to put them all. I still want the wooden crate=like boxes to put yarn in. If I can get the husband to make some. Or I'll start looking at thrift stores and yard sales for them. I have some black plastic ones that will work. They're just black.

I just took pictures of this mess, so will show before and after later when I am finished with this mess. It could take awhile.

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An At Home Daughter said...

You might want to look on Craigslist farm and garden section for your wood boxes. Sometimes people sell old fruit boxes on there.