Monday, January 4, 2016


Olga is looking much better now. The hair is growing back on her neck. I really can't tell if she's pregnant or not. She has no udder at all right now. She's never had kids before either. I saw Oden on her when I thought she was in standing heat. So I know something happened in October. We will see soon enough I suppose.

And my Freja. She's so sweet. I know she is pregnant. But still not very big at all. I think she was in standing heat a few days before Olga.

Here they both are. Olga is so fluffy, it really is hard to tell. And she's a big girl. Wide rear end too.

And Oden is a daddy! He went to my friend Cara's farm for awhile to breed some of her does. Wafer had twins a few days ago. A boy and a girl. Wafer has ears, so one of them has long ears and the other one has a little bit longer elf ears. We are hoping they are both polled. And Wafer is white. So the twins are an off white-cream color. I sure hope I have some colored kids. I am not a big fan of white goats.

                                 A little better shot of Freja. I had cut some cedar branches for them to eat.

It is freezing today! Windy cold here. I hope the wind and sun dry up some of this mud. That would be nice. But it's freezing.

Yesterday, I went for a walk down my road. I could not stop looking at all the trash along the way. On both sides of the road. It was horrible. I mean trash every few feet. And I walked a few miles. So on the way back, I found someone's empty bag of deer corn. I started picking up trash on the other side of the road and had that 50 lb bag full within minutes. I l aid it beside a fence and went back later to get it. I then found a small cardboard box and started filling it up. All kinds of trash. Like people just throw out their garbage while they ride down the road. Just ugly. And heartbreaking to see it. So I will go again later with bags and pick up more. I think I'll take 1 bag just for soda cans so I can start saving them then take them in for money.

This is one thing I have drilled into my husband, my kids and now my grand kids. Do not throw anything out of a car!!! Just throw it on the floorboard and when you get home, clean out the car and throw it all in the trash! It's just that simple. One time, right after I met my husband, he threw something out of the car. I almost screamed. We had to go back and get it. He never did it again. And my kids, one time, did it. We went back and got it. They never have done it  again. Or my grand kids. So I hope they have realized how it makes the scenery so ugly.  I'm done now.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics of the goats they are all so cute. I am right there with you on the trash out the window. Just this week I was driving with my grand (18) and he rolled the window down and wen to throw something out. I yelled, "stop" and he said it is just a wrapper! I said we have a trash bag and we need to use it.

An At Home Daughter said...

I can remember when I was a kid and every freeway off ramp and on ramp was strewn with cassette tapes. All that glittering tape stuck in the weeds. It was kind of a good thing they switched to cds. We were raised to never throw our trash on the ground or spit gum out anywhere but in the trash. Our neighbors have all these kids over and they just throw there trash on the ground and it ends up stuck in our pasture. I have to pick up Capri Sun containers and food wrappers all the time. Its just so trashy.
We would put a plastic grocery bag on the handlebars of our bikes when we were kids and gather all the cans and bottles out of the ditches along the road and turn them in for a little change.

Kris said...

I am SO glad you feel the same way! Makes me feel better about having written about this now. Thank you for doing your part and for teaching your grand son too. If we could all do this, what a wonderful place this world would be, right?

Kris said...

Don't even get me started on gum! Oh how I hate gum! Banned form my house!

I'm so sorry you have neighbors like that. It clearly does not bother so many people.

I worked for this couple at Ace hardware for years when I was younger. The lady would go around picking up coke cans and took them to a place that bought tin. She'd put the money in savings accounts for her 4 grand sons. She did this up til she couldn't drive anymore.