Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Look what I found...

My camera charger. I knew I'd find it some crazy place. We were looking for the remote to the tv in the bedroom and sure enough, there it was, on the little table, covered up with all sorts of things. Then yesterday, the new charger came. So now I have 2 chargers to lose!

The ground was frozen this morning. First morning to haul water to the animals so far.

I went to feed the chickens this morning and there was a mouse in the barrel. Scared me! So I called the dogs and they reached in and got the little thing. I felt bad for it. But there are so many around here. And apparently, my old cats aren't doing a good job. So 1 less mouse.

I don't know if I'm not dreaming much anymore, or just not remembering my dreams. I can have some pretty good dreams too. My favorite dreams are house dreams. I love them. They are usually really big houses, that just go on and on. New rooms around every corner. Hidden rooms. Rooms in the attics. I love these dreams. Anyone ever have house dreams? I wonder what they mean?

So this morning, as I lay in bed trying to get up, I remembered dreaming about a sheep that was with all my other sheep. But it didn't look familiar at all. It was small and had very kinky dark dirty grey wool.  And it's little face was so sweet. But not at all the way my sheep looked. It kept following me all over and I kept having to pet it and reassure the poor little lamb. But I just kept thinking how it wasn't mine. And where did it come from?  Then I woke up. Some dreams just stay with me.


Kim said...

Glad you found it! I have so much going through my head when I am awake, I hope I don't start to dream and remember those as well.

Abby said...

You will find a lost sheep soon and will come to help it find it's home.

Kris said...

Is that what my dream meant Abby? Who knows, it could come true.