Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's a start...

 This is my husband's grand mother's old pie safe. We've had it almost as long as we've been married. I refinished it years ago. It's been used for so many things during all these years. Now it's finally in my studio. I think I'll use it for either my needle felting things, or sewing things. Probably needle felting.

I don't know if you can see this, but my husband's brother Glen put his initials  here when he was very young. We could never figure out who's initials are under his.

And I decided to go ahead and hand all the black plastic crates I had, to store yarn in.

My old Coca Cola crate. I love it. These are a whole lot of ends of yarn projects. What do y'all do with all of your left overs? I think they look pretty  here. The troll is from a friend who takes old trolls and makes them new again. She takes out the old hair and puts in new hair, using wool. This guy needs something to wear. It's cold!

I found this little lamb at a thrift store. I had to bring her home with me.

And of course I have found many unfinished projects. This is something I started a long time ago, when I first started knitting. There are 4 rectangles. The brown is almost finished. I just need to sew them together, then maybe add more to make it a little bigger. It's just going to be a little throw.

So I am on the way to a clean organized studio. I feel like once it's all done, I can create beautiful things in here. I have so much wool that needs to be spun. And soon. Because in a few more months, I'm going to have 10 more sheep fleeces and 2 more alpaca. I might just send it all off to a mill. But I have heard so many stories from people who've not gotten their own wool back.

I got my Trooper back today. It sounds exactly like it did before it broke down. Exactly. And it's FULL of mold. All over the inside. It stinks! I took it by a clean up place before I went to the insurance co. He said he'd clean the outside and get the inside clean. For $40. I think he might charge a whole lot more when he actually sees how horrible it is. I got home awhile ago and started getting stuff out. And I cannot believe how nasty it's gotten just sitting for 6 months. Plus the fact there's still stuff from farmer's markets. And old hay. And just general junk. I will give him extra, just to have a clean car. I do believe I'm allergic to mold too. My eyes have not stopped watering and itching since I got in it Tuesday. I had the windows down while driving, just so I could breathe. Not good. But I am glad to have my own car again. No matter how much noise it makes.


Su Ba said...

I love that black plastic crate idea.

Kris said...

I wasn't really sure I'd like it. But I do. I really wanted wooden crates. But they are a bit expensive. So these will do for now. And they work great too.