Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I should know by now...

 to be careful what I post on this here computer.

  A few days ago, I posted pictures of Louise, the new cow. Of course, a few people stated that she was awfully thin and I should be grain feeding her to get her conditioned for winter. Well, good grief, for one thing, she's a huge Jersey. They are thin! And she came from a pretty small pasture with no grass. She just got hay and grain when milked. Then we think she had a miscarriage not too long ago. And is a little depressed. She didn't eat for awhile after that. So we thought this would do her good to be here, eating all this grass and helping me out.

  Then I posted the pics of Bubba eating grapes. Oh my, you'd think I was trying to kill my dog, the way some people reacted! Grapes are SO poisonous to dogs! Do not give dogs grapes! It could kill them! And, also onions and garlic too? I have given my dogs raw garlic in their raw dog food for years now. They are still alive.

  That's another thing to not mention. That I actually give my dogs RAW meat! People just about go ballistic. RAW meat? You feed your dogs RAW meat? How could you? They're DOGS! They need vegetables and fruits and grains and wheat germ and and and... Good grief people. Dogs eat raw meat all the time. And have for years. SHoot, they've even gone out back and brought a deer leg or two home to munch on.  My dogs are pretty healthy. I also give them raw bones. But please don't tell anyone.

  And Heaven forbid I should ask advice on anything farm animal related. Or honey bees either. I can ask 50 people the same question and get 50 totally different responses.

  I will learn some day to not say anything about sheep and worms. Or sheep and castrating. Or anything sheep. Just post happy sheep, munching on grass in the beautiful  lush green pastures. Happy animals are what people want to see, right?

  And while I am saying all this, I'll say that people who kiss chickens and let them sleep with them are CRAZY! My chickens are not pets! I don't even really like chickens. I like eggs. That's about it on the chicken liking. Well, I like eating chicken too. But chickens are nasty. They stink. They carry all kinds of nasty things around on them. And have you ever butchered one? Yuck! They are gross! That's all.

  And I hate bottle feeding lambs and goat kids too. I like it fine for the first few days, then that's all. I've had enough. That's why I am not going to breed my sheep this year.

  Oh goodness, this internet. It's gotten a little out of hand, don't ya think? It's made people think they can say or do anything now. So I will have to be careful what I post. But I do like to stir things up, just a little. It's kind of fun to see what happens! Some people are funny.


Abby said...

Well you tell them like it is
Go Mom!!

An At Home Daughter said...

People are weird. They freak out when they see my Dad share pieces of his chocolate chip cookies with our dogs. That will make them sick!!! No actually it doesn't. Sometimes I share my semi sweet dark chips with them. They have never gotten sick from them.
My friends dog got into a cupboard in her garage and ate large bags of chocolate, gummy candies and all sorts of things. He was enormous when she found him. She called the vet, and they said don't worry, its only the pure chocolate to worry about. He threw it all up, and was fine (anyone that ate all that would have barfed).
Our little dogs will eat 10 grapes in one sitting and they are still alive.
I guess they would like to see you cooking gourmet meals for your animals. The dog food companies will keep Dino-Vit and such in business, as they animals are not getting the enzymes they need from live food.

Iris said...

I have not seen or heard of any adverse reaction to your treatment of your animals, Kris. You're an excellent caretaker, checking on them snow, hail, etc. to be sure they're safe and warm You're also an excellent doctor and nurse to one and all. Your animals love the sound of your footsteps, your voice and/motor of your vehicle. They know you love them & take the best care of them and that's all that matters.

Kris said...

Thanks mom! And Abby too.

Kimberly knows exactly how feel.

I do love the animals. But will not treat them like my children.

Betty Ann said...

Well the way you treat you is about the way it is done on Kristin's farm. It all sounds correct to me! What's to like about a chicken anyway? Except eggs and dinner. And then there are the goats. They are like big kitty cats. We love love love those goats. And the barn cats, Sammy and Cracker Jack. And the big gentle giant Great Pyr Asher....But I digress.....

The way you speak of your animals confirms how much you are dedicated to their care and well being. But if every chicken was a pet we might never have Sunday dinner. It's a FARM, for gosh sakes!

Betty Ann said...

Correction for typo in my first sentence: The way you treat your animals is about the way it is done on Kristin's farm.