Thursday, August 14, 2014

My poor babies.

This has not been a very good week. I'm so glad I made 3 batches of soap on Sunday, or I would not have made any at all.

 I noticed Carabella's puffy jaws Sunday evening. I wormed her right away. All the others looked fine, so didn't do anything else.

That night, about 8, Mary, the weekend caretaker at Mrs. T's, called. Mrs. T had fallen and she didn't know if she should go to the ER or what. I really wasn't feeling too awful good, so I called my daughter to go see how bad it was before I drove all the way there. I ended up going. She had torn the skin off her right shin, about 4". Really didn't see any sense in taking her in that late and having to sit and wait when I could just take care of it myself. Thanks to my hubby! So washed it real good. Put Neosporin  all over it and wrapped it up real good.

Monday, my sister and niece came back from Colorado and were at Mom's for awhile, before they headed back down to S. Ga. So before going to Mom's, I stopped at Mrs. T's to change the bandages on her leg. Mary had said she was up and down all night and took the wrapping off a couple times. I wrapped it all back up and wrote on it with black marker "DO NOT TOUCH THIS!". I told her I was going to come back before going home and if she had messed with it, I was going to take her to the hospital and they were keeping her til it was better!

 I was starting to get all stuffed up, runny nose, a little congestion. Went to the dollar store and got some allergy meds. Took 2, like the directions said. Man, a few hours later, I could hardly hold my eyes open. But got to mom's and we went to lunch at the Japanese place where they fix the food in front of us. So fun!

So on the way home, I stopped to check on Mrs. T. She was sitting there in her chair all nice and sweet. Hadn't even tried to bother her leg. So went on home. Took care of the animals. Checked the sheep. Cara still puffy. I gave her Ivermec, LA200 and B Complex.

Tuesday, I was in bed ALL DAY! My head hurt. I was coughing every time I moved.. Low grade temp. Geeze Louise! The whole time though, as I lay in bed awake, I'm thinking of all the things I needed to be doing. SO many things! Then off I'd go again. And Emily, the mid-week caretaker, came in early and changed the bandages for me. I was so glad because I could not have gone and done it.

Wed. SO much better. Got up, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, mowed the whole front of the farm. Mowed down a bunch in the garden. Cleaned the burr comb out of the Garden hive and added another frame, because it only had 9 frames. Checked the Outback hive. Lots of activity there too. Then got ready for farmer's market. Had to go check Mrs. T's leg. All good so far!

Had a bad market afternoon. And I had a lady ask me last week to save her 3 dozen eggs for her this week. I have worried myself sick about those eggs. I might get 1 egg one day, 4 the next day. Then we'd have to eat some. I finally, after even deciding to go to market, had 2 dozen. Then the silly woman never even showed up! I will not do that again. But I did sell them. No problem selling eggs there anymore. People stand in line wanting eggs. I need to get more chickens!

So today. I wanted to take some fecals in to the vet to see what I was dealing with. HA! You know that saying "a watched pot never boils:? Well, when ya want as sheep to shit, THEY WILL NOT! I literally waited 2 flippin' hours for Cara to poop and do you think she ever did? NO! Never. Any other time, they are pooping like crazy. I just have to look at them and they poop. Stupid sheep. So I got samples from Cassidy, who had worm activity going on. Then Campbelle. Then FINALLY, Cameron! And she had some worms too. But NEVER did get anything from Cara. Even tried going in to get some, I was that desperate.

So took them to the vet. Went to Tractor Supply to get some sheep minerals. Ended up getting 2 mineral blocks for sheep. They LOVE them, by the way. Ate lunch with my mom. Went to Mrs. T's to change her bandages. Got a call from the vet. Yep, they do have worms, he said. Ok, I know that. What kind of worm. Well, he didn't know. They just had a lot of worms. I have to pay $15 per fecal for him to tell me my sheep have worms! What? THAT'S why I do not go to vets.

I also wanted to talk to the AG. extension guy to see what he could come up with to help me out. We decided I was not leaving them long enough on each pasture. They need to be leaving one pasture alone for at least 60 days. And the grass needs to be at least over 4" tall. I've been rotating them about every 15 days, then mowing where they just were a few days later, about 3". They don't really like tall grass. Anyway, I need to be doing things differently now if I want these worms to die.

Also wanted to get some kale and collard seeds. No where can I find seeds. So maybe no fall garden for me?

Went to the bee store. Talked to a 20 year old girl that works there. Very smart girl. Learned a lot from her today.

Then home to cook dinner for the man. And move the sheep back to the big pasture til October. I also had gotten a bottle of  Dectomax. Wormed Cassidy, Cameron, Campbelle and Carabella. I will worm the others if they need it. And I'll get some hay for mornings. I'll keep them in til the grass is dried. That's another thing I kind og knew already, but never thought about.

So tomorrow is my all day with Mrs. T/ I think I will run her over to the walk-in to make sure her leg is doing ok. Just to be safe. I was going to go to Indiana to pick up my 2 oldest grand daughters who have been in Wis. with cousins, but right now, I think I need to stay close by Mrs. T. Plus I might get a whole weekend to myself?! Plus Sat. morning is farmer's market too. I need to make some money! I'm having a soap sale to make room for all the new soap!

So while I'm waiting for sheep to S***, I took lots of pictures of them. This is poor little Carabella. She's so stinkin' fluffy, it's really hard to tell she's so puffy. But she really is, poor baby. One of my bottle babes.

                         And Cameron, another bottle baby. She started yesterday with the puffiness.

                                         Sheep rear ends. I was keeping an eye on them!

I love this shot. I got a lot like this. The blue sky, the green trees, the very tall hay, then the sheep. I felt like I was down in a hole, which I guess I was.

                                                                  My little fluffy Cara.

                                                       This is Amarillo, the quads mother.

                                                   Just a bunch of sheep and alpaca pics.

               Another puffy Cara pic. I really hate this. I have got to get this under control soon.

All the sheep and alpacas, except Cara, who was over to the right, drinking water. I moved them all back over to the bigger pasture later.

Sorry this is so long. I feel like I have neglected this blog and no one is going to even come here anymore. Sometimes, I am either just too busy, or I just don't have anything to say. Then, when I do, I keep on and on... Hope y'all have a great weekend!

(Looks like I already wrote about some of this. Sorry. I can blame this on the foggy head? And the guy that was coming didn't. But IS coming this next Monday.)

And thank you to my very favorite blog reader and friend Betty Ann, for checking in on me! Makes me feel so much better!


Betty Ann said...

Wow! What a week!! I'm relieved that you are feeling better and back to your usual self of burning at both ends yet taking time to smell the roses and sharing your wonderful pictures and humor with your cyber friends.

Kristin and I have been very successful ordering our fall seeds online. Pretty cheap and speedy delivery. Lotsa sites out there. Good luck.

Kris said...

Looks like I may just have to order some kale if I am gonna have any. Thanks!