Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zarah had twin does!!!!

Look what I found this morning! Zarah finally had her kids. And they are both little does! I just new the tan one would be a buck, but it's not. They were born probably about a half hour before I got out there. They were all cleaned off but a little damp. Both nursing and look really good. And so cute. I put them all in the back stall so I could give her some warm molasses water and feed. It's supposed to rain later again so I'll leave them in awhile.

I found these pictures from last year and wanted to show how much they look like her new kids. The little black one is a doe and looks just like her mother. The tan one is the buck and looked just like John Henry. He's the dad of the new ones too. Almost identical kids this year.

                                                  So yay, 3 does had 5 girls and just 1 boy!

Now just waiting on Zeeboo. Look at this fat girl! I am liking the looks of her udder and teats. I think she'll be an easy milker.


Kristin said...

I'm so glad they're both girls! They do look just like last year's kids. I just love seeing what the kids look like.

April, Onyx's daughter from last year, kidded for her new owner this morning. Twin bucks.

Kristin said...

How is your little doeling triplet?