Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Around and about the farm

 It's been crazy here lately. SO much to do and not enough ME to do it all! And now another bottle baby. I had to take her to the market with me Saturday. Everyone loved her. She followed me all over the place. I had some other things to do before going back home. Like stopping to check on my very pregnant grand dog Daisy. She got to meet Mirabelle too. She's such a sweet dog.

This is the goat playground. A pile of big rocks. There has been a whole lot of baby goats playing right here over the years. Little Mirabelle got to play too.

                       All 10 apple trees are in full bloom. And now it might freeze tonight. Crazy weather!

We finally got all the hive boxes put together and the old ones cleaned up. Put all new frames in them. I've painted them all too but will show that in another post when they are finished. They look so pretty. Hope the bees like their new homes!

                   We had 2 of the grand kids for the weekend. This is Chloe, feeding Mirabelle a bottle.

And I had no idea alpacas liked to get wet. There's a hole in this hose and when I was filling up the water buckets, I saw them doing this. Sugar just laid right down on the water, silly boy! I turned the hose on them and they loved it!

It's Tuesday. My day with mom. And it's rainy and so cold out. I hope you all have a nice warm Tuesday.


SweetLand Farm said...

Ahh bottle babies! They sure are cute.
Nice to see the apple trees bloom. Did you loose any due to the cold you got?
Funny alpacas. They look like they are enjoying the water. Maybe they need a kiddy pool this summer! haha

Kris said...

I don't think there will be any loss. I hope not anyway. I might have to dig a little pond for these guys. I did get a small pool for the sheep a few years ago but Stella uses that.