Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm a great grandma!!

 My daughter's dog Daisy had 9 puppies yesterday. Jason had to take her to the vet for a C-section early and brought her home later that afternoon with 9 puppies. 5 girls and 4 boys. She's a bit sore and overwhelmed, but doing pretty good for her first litter. And they're all so cute! She's a Boxer and a Shepherd got to her. But the pups all look like they have that cute Boxer nose. Adorable! And she's the best little momma ever. Constantly licking and cleaning.

I love this. She's such a good dog. And has always been so gentle and nice to everyone. These puppies will be good dogs.

Anyone need a cute adorable little puppy soon?


An At Home Daughter said...

Those puppies look pure. How weird.
We have raised Boxer puppies over the years. We did the tails ourselves with elastic cord (like elastrating a goat) . They turned out so much nicer than the job the vets do.
Boy! Nine is a good sized litter. 7 was the most we ever had. They are going to have there hands FULL! and all those little toe nails to clip. hehe
MAKE SURE the vet does NOT give them the kennel cough vaccine. My sisters entire litter of Boxers caught it from the vaccine. The vet didn't read the info that comes with the vaccines. It's not to be given to any pug nosed dogs. It was horrible!

She looks like a very proud mama.


Kris said...

Was wondering how the tails are docked. Now I know. I could do it if it's the same as docking a lamb tail.

One of the pups died yesterday and there's another one that was looking really puny too. I went and got a really small bottle and we tried to get her to drink from it but she couldn't I hope she made it.

An At Home Daughter said...

Yes, dock them like lamb tails, but use round elastic cord. You know the stuff that has the black or white thread on the outside from craft/ fabric stores. The thing is you don't want to tie it to tight or to loose. The puppies will cry for a while and it will upset momma, but it isn't nearly as bad a getting them cut off and stitched by the vet. The mom will lick the stitches open and its a real mess, and scarring. I think we did it at four days, but I can't remember. It's been a long time. We did both Boxers, and Toy Fox Terriers. It takes two people. 1: to hold the puppy and the tail, and 2: to do the tying of course.

We lost a couple puppies from a litter and had to bottle feed all of them. The Mom had to big of nipples for them to nurse on. She came that way. If they are to weak to nurse from a bottle, a eye dropper full of milk will work better.

Hope this helps.