Sunday, April 6, 2014

Still waiting...

Oh my goodness, these 2 goats will not have their kids! What is wrong with them? Zarah, in the 1st picture, has a very full tight udder but still hasn't had kids.

Zeeboo, the black doe in the back, is huge and waddles all over. But still nothing going on with her either. And it'll be a week since Sandy had hers. It's just crazy.

It started raining this evening and is supposed to rain til Tuesday around noon. I betcha these 2 goats will kid sometime in all this rain. I just betcha. It's just like a goat to wait til the most crappy weather possible to have kids.

I have no idea what little Woody is doing, so don't ask! It looks bad anyway.


Kristin said...

Zarah is so pretty! You'll have kids soon, I'm sure. They're just waiting for the worst weather.

An At Home Daughter said...

Ditto to Kristin. I was going to say how pretty Zarah is.

I was told that the reason the animals go into labor during the storms is from the air pressure changing causes their water to break.

All our does are first time fresheners this year. The Boer X LaMancha does are getting huge udders, and they've got to go till the 25th! I think they are going to make better milkers than the pure LaMancha's. I can't wait to see!