Monday, December 23, 2013

Sick sheep. And Merry Christmas to all!

 We had so much rain night before last and most of the day yesterday. Everything is such a mess. And the temperature is so up and down. Hot one day, cold the next. Wet, muddy messes all over.

Not the ideal circumstances for sheep.

So yesterday morning, while feeding sheep in the pouring rain, I noticed Adele laying down. And Darla was outside by herself. And Abraham is really slow too. I was hoping they weren't getting pneumonia. Because with the weather all wonky like it's been lately, that's what can happen to sheep.

This morning, I went ahead and made up a bunch of syringes of Combi-Pen 48 and    B Complex for these 3 woolies. I keep records of all my animals and each one has their own pages. Well, Adele only has when she was born and who her parents are. Darla and Abraham each have about 2 1/2 pages. So this is the first time I've had to do anything to Adele, thank goodness. She's not the friendliest lady. But I caught her and gave her the shots. And somewhere, in all that wool, is a needle that came off. I hope it falls off. And I hope they all feel better soon. I'll give them all more for several days. I WON'T give them LA 200 though, ever again. I don't want to lose any more wool. And Darla and Adele's wool is looking really good right now.

The wet muddy mess that's the chicken-sheep area. I went ahead and moved the sheep back over to the other pasture. It's lots drier over there right now. I sure hope it quits all this raining. I just want to get a couple dump truck loads of concrete and put it out here, so they'll have something dry to stand on. Next, they'll all have foot rot.

We fired up the wood stove again. Gonna be COLD this week. And I am going to the Main St. Farmers Market one more time before Christmas. They're having it this afternoon.

I hope every one of my cyber friends out there have a most wonderful joy filled Christmas!


Iris said...

I'm sorry the sheep are sick. Hope they're better now. It's Christmas Day and I'm just looking at your post. Looks like the rain is over, at least until next week.

Iris said...

I'm sorry the sheep are sick. Hope they're better now. It's Christmas Day and I'm just looking at your post. Looks like the rain is over, at least until next week.

An At Home Daughter said...

Sorry about your sheep. Animals sure make for never a dull moment.
Sounds like we are getting the same screwy weather. We had freezing, then rain at night, and then it froze in the early morning, and freezing every night since. It gave most of the goats colds. In all the years we have had goats, we have never had one catch cold. I put that livestock vitamin electrolyte stuff in their water, and have been giving them lots of oranges. Oh yah, and it was a round of goat nutri-drench for all.
Fun, fun, fun.
Oh, I forgot. I wanted to ask what kind of sheep do you have?

Kris said...

Kimberly, about half the sheep are Katahdin and the other half are a wool breed, Finn. These are the ones who keep getting sick. And mostly Abraham the ram, his only daughter so far, Buttercup, her mother Annabelle and Darla. But this time Adele wasn't feeling good either. Right now, all are doing ok except the baby, Buttercup. This morning, during feeding, I noticed she had a runny nose. So more antibiotics for her. And her and Abraham had runny poop the last few days. I thought maybe that was because I have just started feeding them some grains again. Well not grain, but pelleted sheep feed with alfalfa pellets and sunflower seeds.

But now, I am noticing Buttercup and Abraham are walking kind of stiff-legged in the back legs. Do you think that might be Black Leg? I'm going to look it up now. But I think I am going to have to do something with these guys. I can't keep getting sick sheep.

An At Home Daughter said...

I've never heard of Black Leg. I have always noticed that the young Angora goats are finicky about their feed being changed. Any little change would set them off with runs. Recently I gave all the goats rye instead of alfalfa, and it gave the little angora cross girl runs. Also when I was putting out a little grain while we were having heavy freezing, and that also gave her the runs. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if its grain.
Are they getting enough selenium? That will cause white muscle disease. When we have had goats born with it, its most noticeable in the back legs.
No matter what the problem I would get a packet of the Durvet vitamin- electrolyte powder from the feed store ($4.50 at Tractor Supply), and add a little to their water. Because they could get dehydrated, and it will help them kick whatever it is.

An At Home Daughter said...
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Kristin said...

I hope your sheep are feeling better and that you had a wonderful Christmas!!!