Sunday, December 8, 2013

Figuring out the carder.

I am so glad I wasn't standing too close to Misha this morning when I tried petting him again. He kicked twice. Bad boy! Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

I think I have finally figured this carder out. Last night I watched a video of the people that made one of the carding machines, the Straouches. I know that's not how their name is spelled, but y'all have heard of them. Anyway, the guy was just pulling the wool apart real thin and putting it on the platform and letting it go into the wheels by just turning the handle slowly. So I did it. And it works! Before, I was pulling the wool back as it was going through and it was all going onto the smaller wheel and making me mad. So I have already done it this was 4 times and every time I have no wool on the smaller wheel. Now to figure out the tension on the spinning wheel. I am anxious to spin all this that I've been carding.

It's raining again. It's like so slippery out there. I need to take a walking stick with me. I do have my handy dandy wagon I use to haul hay with. I love that wagon. It's what I use most often for everything around here. The best thing I ever bought for this farm. Everyone should have one. We also use it to haul wood to the house.

I hope you all have a great Sunday.


Iris Graham said...

I'm glad ya'll are having a good Sunday. You sure couldn't do anything outside. I went to church, heard an awesome sermon, the kids [bunches] were dressed like elves and did a cute dance and sang a song. I thought about Coryn, Chloe and Kansas while watching them. I did a little errand, dropped the cards in the post office that I addressed yesterday & came on home. Did a few minutes of exercise (very few), then nothing else. A lazy day!!!

Linda said...

Glad you figured out the carder. I can read the blog just fine too.
I am playing catchup on the computer. I have not been on for a little while due to hand surgery. This time it was my right.The hand is not too painful but the virus I caught at the hospital is kicking my butt.

Hope Tiny continues to improve and life can get back to normal for you all.Sounds like he is feeling better and thats so good. Take care.


Sandra Morris said...

Glad it is all working out so well for you!
I love the video tutorials. Much more helpful than books, for people like me who are visual learners :)

Kris said...

I did see a few from Nancy Today. She is hilarious! Is she for real or what? Under her video it said how NOT to card wool. I am having a much better time doing this now that there is no wool in that smaller wheel.