Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dogs, alpacas and bread.

This silly dog. She always has something in her mouth. Always. Yesterday morning she had this piece of firewood. I let her out and she took it with her.

This dog is so funny. She just cracks me up! She sees me coming and she just flops over on her back for a belly rub. I love this dog.

And it's so cool to look out my back windows into the back yard and see 2 alpacas. Not too many people can say that, right?

I have been getting day old bread from a store down town. I have gotten quite lazy about making my fresh ground whole wheat rolls and bread since. So I have decided this is the last week for getting the bread. I do feed most of it to the goats, sheep and chickens. But there is always a few good loaves of yummy bread for us to eat.

So I am making bread and rolls again. Tiny said he's been missing it. I love how the house smells when it's rising, then baking. I feel so domestic.


Kristin said...

The bread looks great! I've been trading a friend cheese/eggs for bread. I can never seem to work up the energy to bake. And can't bake the same day I'm making cheese so it never gets done.

Now I'm down to my last loaf and have nothing to trade. I guess I need to bake.

Kris said...

Seems like every time I'd start to make bread, something happens. I need all afternoon. Like cheese, you have to have a lot of time. No interruptions.