Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

First, can y'all read this ok? Sometimes I go to blogs and when there's a background like this, I can't see the words. I can here, but wondered what y'all see. Let me know please and if you can't see it, I'll change it.

Wow. Alpaca wool is amazing! I just now, after more than 2 months, got to actually PET this red Alpaca.

Seems like I am always in a hurry when I am feeding all the animals in the morning. I feed these 2 about half a big coffee can of sweet feed and minerals in the morning, plus hay. Misha, the red one, will eat out of my hand or the feed can. But that's as far as it's gotten. Until now.

So this morning, I put their feed in their bowls and just stood there. Misha was beside me and Sugar on the other side of him. I reached over, while they both had their heads down, and pet Sugar. Of course he moved over. But then did let me pet him for a few seconds.

But Misha, the red one, let me pet him all over his back and neck!! I just stood there, since he never even moved, and pet him all I could. It was amazing! He is SO soft. I am so happy that I have finally got to touch them! I'll do this every morning now and maybe one day I will be able to pet them any time I want to.

They are really sweet boys and I do love them. My husband says they are just stuck up. He'll say something to them and they just turn their heads away. Not the most social of animals on this farm.

We had to start up the wood stove again this morning. After being SO hot and humid here the past week, it's cold again. I mean, we had windows open and I was wearing shorts. But not today. Or the rest of this week. At least we don't have ice and snow like everywhere else. But I think frozen mud would be nice right now. It has rained a bit too much for me. Not liking all this mess.

                                   This was from a few weeks ago. But we'll have more soon.

And yesterday morning, right at feeding time, it's just pouring rain. So I go out in it to haul hay and bread and stuff to the masses. As soon as I am done, it stops raining. Seriously. So I didn't milk Penelope. I had to be gone all day and had to leave. So I was thinking I'd go ahead and dry her up, since the day before, I only got a pint of milk.

But I don't want to dry her up. I want to keep milking her. Even a pint of milk a day is better than nothing. Or store bought. or even raw Jersey cow milk. It's good and I like it, but I really love my goat milk. A lot. I know I'll eventually have to dry her up, and will. But just not right now.

I have still not done a thing about Christmas around here. I used to decorate my whole house years ago. I just can't make myself do that here for some reason. We do put up a tree, but I have to make myself do that anymore. And I'll get the grand kids to decorate it when they're here. I might go get some greenery and red berries from Mrs. T's yard later and do the mantle and buffet and windows outside. But I really don't care. I just don't like winter anymore. And IT'S NOT EVER WINTER YET!


An At Home Daughter said...

I can read it perfectly fine.
Right now we are having freezing temps. and brrrrr is it cold. The 20's every night, and at least 4 more days of nights in the 20's. We finally got a good rain last night and then it cleared up and froze this morning. Kinda neat but I don't think the animals like it.
Enough about me.
Your alpacas are adorable. I love their tails! I guess it goes to show you can make friends with anything if you have food.

Denny144 said...

I'm seeing white text on a dark red background that is easy to read. I know what you mean about decorating. I live by myself now and just can't seem to get up the energy to haul out even the smallest amount of Christmas decorations.

Betty Ann said...

Hubby and I shooed the Bah Humbugs out of our heads and strung up the lights in the yard. Then on to the Christmas tree. Didn't want to. But now we look at it and it makes us smile. So glad we sucked it up and did it!

Kris said...

I am glad y'all can read it.Thanks.

I have to go outside now to cool off. This morning it was 89 in the house.

Denny, maybe just a little tiny cedar tree would be nice. Just something to light up at night. I like to decorate the mantle with real greenery and red berries and white lights. I'll probably do that soon.

Betty Ann, I know it does make us feel better just doing a little here and there. I will too.

Kristin said...

I can't seem to get the decorating done either. And to be honest, I don't really want to. We got the tree up, but it's not decorated. This weather is awful.

I'd keep milking Penelope too. A pint is a pint. I'm still milking my girls who are giving over a pint. Two of them were allowed to practically dry up while I was away so I just let them dry up. It wasn't worth my time.

I'm glad the alpacas are coming around and that you figured out the wool carder. I've been doing some knitting again, but spinning is beyond me.

Have a great week!