Monday, December 9, 2013


This morning, after eating breakfast, I looked out the window and saw a pair of these buggars flying to the big maple tree. So I got the dogs and ran to the milk room and grabbed a bucket of feed and ran out to the chickens to put them in the coop. They all went in except one of the black ones. So I guess she'll be chicken dinner for the hawks. If they catch it. I love to see hawks. Somewhere else. Not in my vicinity. I like my chickens and love all the eggs they have been supplying lately. I really don't want to lose any. 

And I almost fell this morning. Out in the chicken yard. It's like ice out there. Really slippery. I guess I need to take a walking stick with me. But I always have both hands full. I like to do as much as I can in one trip to save time. I think of myself as a farm girl Rachel Ray. Carry as much as possible to save time and steps. 

Tiny is so much better now. His burns are shrinking. He only has 2 appointments this week and both on Thursday. Really nice, compared to last week's 4 days in a row of doctors. But all these meds are making him sleep a lot. He always did take naps during the day before, but not like this. And yesterday, because it rained all day, his blood sugar levels were higher than they have been, due to inactivity. All he did was walk out to the wood pile and get a wheel barrow full of wood. That's it. I hope this rain will stay away for awhile. I am tired of it for sure.

I put the sheep over next door in the other pasture this morning. There is actually some green over there. They all ran out in it and didn't even want hay. Everything is so brown here now, so when I saw that, I had to let them over there. They are all so fat.

And I got Stella's big crate moved back into the dining room. I have been doing this in winter, so we'll have more room in the living room with that wood stove. Then I put the Christmas tree on top of the crate. So I have gotten this far! Maybe later I'll go out to the milk room and get the tree. And I cannot believe there are only 16 more days til Christmas!! Noooooo!

Rough-legged Hawk flying near Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

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