Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's wrong with my ram???

 I was getting the water hose hooked up out back at the well pump and saw clumps of black wool on the ground. Abraham came walking over to me and I saw a few places that looked like fluffy wool. So I pulled and I got whole handfuls of wool. Just pulled off so easy. On both sides too. But there is a small healed wound right on the shoulder. You can see it here. The white spot. The wool underneath is very smooth and soft. I have never pulled wool off like this before. And I could have pulled all his wool off, it look like. He'd probably love it, as hot as it is right now.

There is a pile of wool right here. I have no idea why it's coming out like this in clumps. I did see John Henry and Abraham at each other yesterday. Maybe John's biting him? Maybe he's stressed? He wants to go back in with the ewes, but I'm waiting til Oct. And I want to get the lambs in a separate area first.

If anyone has any ideas as to why Abraham's wool is coming off so easily, please let me know. I hope he's ok. He had been really sick about a month ago. Had to give him worm meds and antibiotics. Could that be why? Come to think about it, that's about where I gave him the shots.


An At Home Daughter said...

I've never seen anything like it. My fiber goats will shed like that, but they are supposed to, and thats in the spring.

My angora buck has been itching a lot and I new he had lice (its something you are always fighting in pure angoras). But my Mom just brought home the ivermectin pour on and we hadn't had the chance to treat them yet. When I went out there the other night he was not looking so good, so I checked his skin. He was COVERED. So I I got a dose of ivermectin just for him, and the next day he was already looking better. So everybody else got there round the next day.

Anyways what I am getting at is, is there any chance that he has lice? Or is there any signs of mange? With mange their skin will get thick and crusty in patches, and will make them shed.
Here is another thought. Maybe he got a abcess at the injection sight. That would cause the skin to stretch, and might result in the hair falling out.

Im not much help, Im not a sheep person.

Kris said...

Kimberly, I think that's the reason his wool is falling out. I had given him LA200 right about in that spot. I should just go ahead and pull all the wool off if it'll come off that easy. It';; make him feel cooler. It's plum hot here right now!

Tombstone Livestock said...

One of my Shetland ewes is doing that right now. Out of 20 Shetlands she is the only one, she was sheared the end of April so it is not natural rooing. I have looked in all my sheep / vet books and only thing I found were 1. Stress, 1. Nutrition, and 3, Change in feed. I think hers is stress, she had stopped eating and was still nursing 2 lambs, it was time for weaning anyway so I separated them, she got her appetite back, she is thinner than I would like to see her, but couple days after separating her wool started coming out all over, looks like a break in the wool as it is not all the way down to the skin. Good luck with your ram.

Sandra said...

Kris, if he is the one that was sick it could have caused breakage in the wool.
When sheep have stress, illness, causes breaks in their wool. His breakage could have been severe.

Kris said...

Abraham seems to be fine. I started feeding him the sheep feed with kelp and minerals. I took that wool and washed it and it's out in the sun now drying. I'll see what I can do with it. Just experimenting. I have never washed any wool before. Nor spun it. I have to learn somewhere, right?