Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More hay today

71 more bales of hay today. I had help loading it form Abby and her brother-in-law Johnny and Heather and Kansas. I had to unload it all myself though. I unloaded the trailer first on the driveway, then drove the truck over to the barn to unload and stack all that inside. I only stacked yesterday's hay 4 bales high because it was darn heavy, which took up half the room. So could only get 40 bales in tonight. I stacked that hay 5 bales high. It was much lighter. So the rest of the hay will have to go on the porch. I'll just use it first. I am not going to be feeding hay til probably November, the way it looks right now. So maybe this will last til spring. 140 bales. I was going to go back and get another truckload later but don't have room now.

So yesterday was all about hay and grass. I mowed the sheep's pasture later yesterday afternoon. That took a few hours. It looks so good now. And the pasture the sheep are on now needs mowed. It's full of that foot high grass with the tall fluffy spike on top. I need to look it up to see what king of grass it is. They don't like it apparently.

This is where we got hay today. At the foot of Lookout Mt. behind the middle school where my kids went to school/ It's so beautiful here.

This is Garry's tractor. It's usually broke down.  It was just resting then.

And this was just a little notice in the thrift store bathroom today. It just cracked me up! Tomorrow is farmer's market day. I hope to get the rest of that hay put up in the morning, then take the truck and trailer back and get my Trooper so I can load it up for market. I hope I make some money to make up for what I spent on hay and going to Colorado.


Kristin said...

Busy, busy! I know the feeling. I'm glad you're back. I'm impressed with your hay stacking abilities. We got 45 bales on Monday. Hubby had to throw them up in the loft and I stacked. 4 high is about my limit and these didn't weigh any 80 lbs!

Sandra said...

It's always nice having hay in the barn for winter!