Friday, August 9, 2013

Do you need any help getting that out to your car?

I heard these words today at Whole Foods. I had gone to pick up a few things and was at the check out paying. As I was standing there about to pick up my 2 very un heavy bags, the young man asked "Do you need any help getting this to your car?" He may or may not have said ma'am, I can't remember. Although, he could very well have, because I just turned and looked at him with a most unusual look on my face. Like I could not believe he just asked ME if I needed HELP getting these 2 bags of very light food to my car. I just stood there with my hands on my hips. He then said " We always ask people if they need help" "Oh, so not just OLD ladies then?" I really don't know what came over me. No one has ever asked me that before in that store. It must just be a new policy. Hmm...

No one at Tractor Supply has ever asked me if I needed help with the 500 pounds of grains I just purchased. EVER. I mean, I lift 50 pound bags of grain all the time. By myself! If my husband happens to be home when I get here with a truck load, I will let him unload it for me. I'm not stupid. It's nice to get a break every once in awhile, right?

But I toss 60-70 pound bales of hay into my truck, stacked 4 and 5 bales high. Then unload them all and haul them to my barn and restack them all. Myself. Like 200 at a time. And I might need help getting 2 little bags of food to my car?

I really feel old now. I'm 55 and in pretty darn good shape, thank you. I just don't know what came over me. Really strange feeling for sure. I don't know how to process this right now. I thought about it all the way home. And can't seem to get it off my mind. I think it's just the way he said it? Or that he was a baby? Would it have felt the same if a girl had asked me the same question? Or an older man? UGH! Does it just get worse now that I am a SENIOR citizen to some people? Is some kid going to come up to me and ask if they can help me across the street soon? Do people even do that anymore? Good grief.


Tami said...

I hear ya Sister! LOL It hits me funny too from time to time. Do I look THAT old?

I've Always enjoyed it when a man is a gentleman and holds the door open for me, though.

Kris said...

Oh yes, I like that too. I guess it just hit me that a young kid asked me that. Kind of strange. I'm over it now!

An At Home Daughter said...

Look at the glass as half full. Maybe he was hitting on you ; )

Both of our TSC stores ALWAYS asks if we need help loading our purchase into our car. Even if its only 1 bag of feed. If anyone buys shavings they always send someone out to load them without even asking if you need help. I'd say your TSC's manager is not doing a very good job of making their business look good.
Most grocery stores around here don't ask, but Nugget does because it is store policy. Its probably the same at Whole Foods.
Safeway employes are required to to say "MR. or MRS. last name" when telling you to have a nice day when you leave or they will get in trouble.

BTW, If you can throw 70 lb. bales of hay 5 bales high. You are one tough broad.