Thursday, August 8, 2013

The hens

I am really enjoying my new hens. It's been a few months since I've had laying hens. It was nice to have a little break though. It made me appreciate them even more. And all those wonderful eggs! I am getting 10 a day now. All 6 of the Leghorns are laying with 4 of the Red Stars laying. I can hardly wait til all 21 of them are laying soon.

They're all getting along better now. I still hear a squeal every now and then from one of the bigger hens picking on the smaller Barred Rocks. But they will be as big as the others soon. I hope to be able to let them out in the evenings a little, maybe next month. I have the Freedom Rangers free ranging in the same pasture and they all pretty much stay in there. I just need to get them all butchered before I let the layers out. Which will be happening the end of the month. They are growing but not as big as I want them yet. A few more weeks and they should be ready.

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