Thursday, May 2, 2013


 Today was very busy for me. Trying to beat the rain coming. So started tilling some beds for tomatoes and peppers. Then the post office called. Said my chicks were there and the mail man was going to deliver them. How nice. I have the sweetest mail man, Joey. I called him and he said he had 2 special deliveries for me and would meet me half way. I had to go to town anyway. So got my chicks and my birth certificate! I can get my license now.

On the way back home, stopped at my friends at the Pocket Farm to pick up my Rutger tomato plants. I was going to get peppers too, but she needs to sort them all out. I got basil, rosemary and chives too.

Here they are all ready to go in the ground.

I love this side of the garden. It's like night and day over there. Isn't that strange how there is so much diversity in one area? This was like loamy sandy soil. I had beans over here last year. So decided to put the tomatoes here this year.

So got all them planted with the basil. Got them all mulched and staked too. My husband is home til Sunday. He came out and actually asked if I needed help. So I gave him the hammer and let him finish the staking. Such a sweet guy. He also got new latches for 2 of the chain link gates in the goat yard. And fixed the goat fence going into the milk room. He doesn't get a break when he's home! Yes he does. Just kidding.

Here are the CC meat chicks I got today. All nice and toasty in their brooder box. I got the pine pellets this time. I think I like them. These chicks came from a hatchery in Iowa. They sent 52. There are about 4 of them with black marks on them. Wonder if they are roosters? I ordered straight run. They are SO cute. I also requested they not be medicated. I give them vitamins in their water. And I deed non-medicated chick starter. I'll be feeding these guys the fermented grains at about 4 weeks. I also bought 10 CC chicks from the feed store Wed. They are 3 weeks old.

I hope when the Freedom Ranger chicks come May 15th, these guys will be outside.

Look at these bunny girls. They are growing so fast. We moved their tractor over to the chicken yard. There's lots more grass for them.  The other tire fell off when we were moving it. There was a hole I didn't see. And the dogs were over in the yard a lot while I was working in the yard. Stella was doing the Border Collie stare on them. And later, when I was going over next door to make jelly, one of them was gone. I found her under the little house porch. Had to get Kansas out of bed to help me catch her. We did. And I got the hole plugged up. And she's ok, thank goodness.

My Clematis vine in full bloom. I love this plant. And it seems like every time my husband starts to weed eat, he gets it. This is grown back I don't know how many times. Just gets prettier every time.

I made 10 more jars of dandelion jelly. And 10 jars of peppermint jelly. I'll take them to the Brainerd market Sat. I sold about a dozen jars of dandelion jelly at yesterday's market. And lots of dandelion greens and some flowers for tea. And lots of soap.

I hope you all had a great day.


Kristin said...

You have been one busy lady! One day I'd like to do our local market, I just don't have the time to get all that together right now. Fortunatly, I have wonderful customers who buy right off the farm.

I would love to try dandelion jelly. We don't have enough dandelions here to make it. But my clover is really booming this year where I ran CC tractors last fall.

You're going to have a lot of chickens! It may be time to look into making or buying a plucker. I don't think I could do as many birds as you do all by myself. You're my hero!

Kris said...

Kristin, I do have a hand held plucker that attaches to a drill. But it takes 2 people to do it. One to hold the chicken and one to hold the plucker. The guy I am getting the tractors from has one he lade and I may be getting it.

I thought you did hundreds of birds yourself. And I wonder what clover jelly would taste and look like.

Kristin said...

I am able to get helpers. I have some fantastic friends who love to come help for the fellowship and the free/discounted chicken.

We usually get an assembly line going with kids getting the birds, someone killing, me scalding and plucking, my dad plucking any stubborn feathers, my mom and me eviscerating, one of my BFF's bagging and shrink-wrapping.

It usually turns into a big party with kids everywhere and people dropping in to pick up their chickens. Very fun. I have 50 birds coming the end of May.

I'll have to look up Clover jelly!

Kristin said...
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Kris said...

Kristin, I found someone who loves to butcher rabbits. So I will be getting into the meat rabbit business soon. I can do all the rest, just not the killing. They are too cute!

2 of the new meat chicks have died. I guess that's why they send extra. Poor little babies. I hate it but that's part of it. They are already bigger today. Getting feathers. I hope it stops raining soon so I can let the older chicks back out on the grass.