Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday May 13th...

And I still have my down comforter on my bed. It's COLD! And it's MAY! It is blackberry winter here right now. And the temps at night are in the 40's. My garden is a mess. It just can't figure out what to do. It's been cold, wet, rainy, overcast, then dry, hot and humid. Just crazy. I'm going to have to replant okra and kale because it got washed away. I had to replant tomatoes because they were yellow and wilted from all the rain. My kale and collards I planted way back in March are just sitting there, doing nothing. They don't get enough sun where I put them this year. I'll need to replant over on the other side. The cabbage I planted in March has not grown much at all. And radishes, they should have been harvested a month ago. I also planted Provider bush beans from Johnney,s and filed peas and Blue Lake bush beans all on the same day 3 weeks ago. I have seen 3 Provider and about 6 BL beans. And maybe 3 cucumbers. No squash or zucchini at all yet. It's really discouraging too, to see maybe 15 potato plants where I have 8 rows that were planted March 17th. VERY discouraging. But I guess it's like this all over the country right now. And this week, with lows at night in the 40's, the days will be in the 80's. I know that some seeds will be popping up with the sun shining and warmer days. I sure hope so anyway.

I do remember when my daughter Abby was born in '81, getting up at night to feed her, it was so cold. I remember shivering and covering up with her nursing. So maybe it's not so strange.

At least the dandelions are growing really good! I have been making jelly and taking that to market along with the greens and flowers to sell. And there is a  lot more growing out there. I'm going to dick the whole plant, roots and all, and dry them. Then chop up to make a loose tea to sell too. And there are so many more wild plants out there to harvest.

I am also going to start making soap this week. Trying to think up some good combinations to scent them with. I know I'm going to make a Patchouli soap. And some more with bees wax. I am also going to be able to make bees wax candles to sell too.

And I have got to check on the bees again. I had to put sugar water out there for them since it's been so cold. They are all confused too. Poor bees. But they look good and are very active once the sun comes out and warms up a bit.

Sandy still has not had kids yet. I did look on my calendar again and saw another date for May 17th. And that's it. If she doesn't have kids by then, I'll have to call the vet to see what she's swallowed! She can hardly walk right now. Or even get up on the stanchion to eat. Which she isn't really doing much of. She lays around most of the time. But every morning, there she is, sticking her head out the barn door. With no kids.

What's it like at your house these days? Same as mine?


An At Home Daughter said...

We have had horrid wind this Spring. It just doesn't stop. We couldn't plant our gardens even though it has been very warm, because the wind would destroy the plants as soon as we set them out. Then the wind stopped, and it got dark, and started pouring rain a little over a week ago. Thats the storm that caused all the goats to go into labor. Then as soon as the rain cleared out, it got HOT. I mean going from 60 to 95 degrees in one week hot.
So I guess we have a weird of weather here, as you do there. I don't think it can make up its mind what its going to do.


Betty Ann said...

It has been a discouraging year. I'm so sorry you have had so much garden trouble. Kristin and I have reseeded pole beans and butter beans and cantaloupe and repurchased okra and cucumber plants. The potatoes were over run with leaf cutter ants and the rain keeps the slugs flourishing. The peppers and tomatoes sulked until the sun came out and even the broccoli and cauliflower plants failed to take off for lack of sunshine. /sigh. Just that kind of year. Misery does not like company. On a happier note, the electric bill has been tiny because we haven't needed the AC!! Of course all that is going to change this week! :)

Kris said...

I know it's a mess all over. Either a drought or flooding. I went today and got 2 flats of cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peppers and tomatoes. Also got some Burgandy okra seeds and more Blue Lake beans. I'll try to get them all planted either tomorrow or Thursday.

I hope all your gardens start growing and flourishing soon. I know they will.

Betty Ann said...

And so will yours!!