Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The cats at Outback Farm

There are 6 cats here at Outback Farm. All live outside, either in the barn or out back, hunting. I've had these cats for years and years. I know the oldest one has to be about 12. And 4 of them my daughter Abby gave us. Her husband is allergic to cats, so she can't have any. So they are all out here.

This is Sybil. I got her from some friends, along with her brother. Abby's friend was wanting a white male cat, so he went to her house. Her ears are all curled up from being outside in the sun. I don't think she can hear. But she's a great cat. She's about 8 years old.

And this is Gilbert. My grand daughter named her. She was brought here by Abby. She found her at her apartment complex when she was a little kitten and couldn't keep her there. I think Gilbert had 2 litters of kittens, then she was spayed. I kept one of her kittens but she just left one day. She about 8 years old too. She loves to hunt and brings home lots of goodies.

This is how these 4 eat. In the cat room up on this old chest freezer. And always in this order too. Gilbert, Andy Oakley, Cosmos and her son Alex. All these here were from Abby. Cosmos is the oldest, around 12 years old. Her son Alex was actually given to my grand daughter Chloe on her 4th birthday. And she will be 14 the 27th of May. So he's 10 years old. And Andy is probably the youngest, around 6 or 7. He is probably the best hunter of the bunch. Nothing is safe around here. Birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels, lizards. They are good cats.

I do have another cat I got from a friend. Her name is Soshe. She's grey and not looking very good right now so didn't take her picture. She has a skin problem I am trying to treat but she hates to have anything put on her. I really don't know how old she is. Maybe close to Cosmos' age.

I really don't like cats. But they are good to help keep the mouse and rat population down. I hate that the birds aren't safe here. I have never fed birds because the cats will kill them. The birds that do make nests here are on their own. There is an old tree out front that I call the bird condo. Holes all up the branches and trunk full of bird's nests. Those are pretty safe up there. And I have 3 blue bird houses in the sheep yard. But generally, cats are not my favorite animals. I tolerate these guys those. Since I've had them all for so long.


Anonymous said...

Oh they are all beautiful and wonderful. I happen to love cats. The three we have now are not hunters AT ALL. The last one we had was the best hunter ever - moles, mice, rabbits, squirrels, etc. and even an ermine (we lived in MN). He was amazing! Thanks for introducing your cats!

Kris said...

I do think cats are amazing creatures. But I just don't like when they try to get all over me. And they do that when I am outside in the garden. Or sitting out on the chair trying to read or just sit. But they are good cats.

Betty Ann said...

Well I must confess that I am a cat person--We have four--Two inside and two out. Our extended family of ten (people, that is) just returned from our annual trip to the beach and I am so happy to get caught up on Outback Farm!!

Abby said...

I like the post