Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Many Tomatoes

I have around 236, give or take a few. Something got 2 of them sometime in the last few days. Right at the base of the stem. If that's a cut worm, why doesn't it get every single tomato plant, not just one here and there? Doesn't make sense to me.

I have Better Boy, Big Boy, Early Girl, Pink Girl, Lemon Boy, Mr. Stripey, lots of Rutgers, Roma, Better Bush, Marian, Bradley, Mountain Spring. I know there are more. Anyway, I have alot of tomato plants. This year I planted them in 2's down the rows so I could use 1 stake between the 2 plants. Or fence. Or cages. I know now that I should have put fence up first, then plants. And then put them a little closer together. This way I will just tie the plants onto the fence with hay twine. I save all my hay twine for this purpose.

I have been outside all day today doing this. I did take some breaks. And had to go to town to get a prescription for a lady I take care of. And delivered eggs while I was out. And I am still not all the way done. I will have to finish tomorrow morning. Then tie  all the bigger plants. I'll wait to tie the smaller plants til they get bigger.

This market gardening is alot of work. I am the only one doing it too. But at least I am getting excercise. Which I desperately need right now. And tomorrow is market day! I love the market.

How does your garden grow?


SweetLand Farm said...

That is a lot of tomatoes. what do you do with them all? i go through a lot of tomatoes myself, but i don't know if it would be that many!! enjoy them for sure and hope you have a bountiful harvest!
My garden isn't started yet. A little longer to let the soil warm.

Kris said...

I am going to farmer's markets this year. I hope to have alot of different colors and varieties to choose from. People stand in line for good tomatoes around here. I just went to a freind's place. He has over a thousand tomato plants, most with huge green tomatoes on them. Huge cabbage heads. And onions big as my hand. And his squash and zuchinni plants are huge and full of pretty yellow and green goodness. He does all this by himself. He has corn already tasseling. I'm tilling my puny 2 rows of corn down and planting more beans. He doesn't grow beans. I'll get my corn from him. You must be way up North to not have a garden in yet.