Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Wanna Live In A Condo

In downtown Chattanooga. A highrise. No grass anywhere. Not even any plants on the balcony. Only a few chairs and a table with an umbrella. And a small fridge with ice cold drinks. That is what I am thinking right now.

I am tired. It seems like I am mowing grass somewhere on this property every day. There is always something to do somewhere. In the garden. In the house. In the goat yard. In the barn. In the sheep pasture. In the gardens. In the chicken yard. Last night I added on to the chicken run area because I got 10 more laying hens. They're just 3 months old. But I already had 29 hens and Mr. Rooney. So this makes 39 hens. Well, actually, I think 2 of the Barred Rock young chicks I got a few months ago could quite possible be roosters. They are quite alot bigger than the other one I got at the same time. They have really long white legs. I was looking at my older BR hen, Judy Moody, and she has short yellow legs. Hmmm...

So I was out there in the field behind the chicken house getting the netting on the other side of the fence. They had just mowed and baled hay so I was feeling like it would be ok to go out there. But next to the fence was still really tall. I made my dog Bubba go with me. For protection. He's a good snake killing dog, for the record. So got that all done. The chickens all thanked me this morning as they were eating the grass in the new run. They have alot more room now.

It just seems like something has to be done, or has to be fixed. Or mowed again. And it's been 93 the past few days. I finally broke down and turned the AC on yesterday morning. I might as well enjoy it.

But as I was taking my sheets and towels off the line just now, I was thinking how at least I can do all this myself. I can walk. I am still young and can do things. I am thankful I can mow. And that the grass is green. Just a few weeks ago the grass was crunchy from no rain. Now it's growing like crazy again. And flowers are blooming. And birds are drinking in the bird bath that has water in it. And we do have water. I can take a nice cool shower after sweating profusely. And jump in my bed with freshly cleaned sheets dried in the sun all day under a beautiful blue sky. Yes, I am thankful. Mighty thankful.

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