Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farmer's Market and RAIN!

It's Wednesday and that's farmer's market day. Ours is from 3-6. I love being able to pick in the mornings and then get some other things done. Like bake bread and rolls to sell. Get cleaned up. Get clean clothes on. All that necessary stuff. Make sure I have everything I need when I get there.  And thank goodness it's under a huge open air ag place. With lots of saw dust that get in the sandles and flip flops. But kids love that.

So today I will pick later than usual because it is raining!!! And cool. Windows are open again. Sheep are SO happy! They are out grazing in the drizzly rain. The goats HATE it. They will not even step out of the barn. For anything. Well, it was a little drizzly when it was time to milk mthis morning.  Abby and Sandy will run to the milk parlor for good sweet feed. But that would be the ONLY reason they would go out in the rain. I have had to go to them to milk when it was raining real hard.

This means that the lettuce and greens will be nice and cool and perky today! And not much washing to do. I love market days. I love the other vendors and the customers that come. I am also trying to sell all last years goat milk soaps so I can make more. I am in love with Patchouli soap. Love it! And lemongrass. I just love it all. I am also taking Kambucha scoby. I sold 2 last week.

Have all the markets where you all live opened yet? What are yours like? I have got to take pictures.

I am so very thankful for this MUCH needed rain. It's a good soaking rain. The grass was getting quite crunchy here. And brown already. And this is just the beginning of May. We are so ahead right now. It's kind of scary. I have had to water about every other day and I don't usually have to do that. This might be a really hot dry year.

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