Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Storms Acomin'.

I just saw on the news that there is a tornado watch for several counties around us til 10pm tonight. I'm sure it will be in our county soon too. I hate storms. My animals don't like them either. And why does it have to storm at night anyway? We do need some more rain but no storms, please.
I had my garden turned last week and with rain tonight then all weekend, it will be a few weeks before it can be tilled. But that's ok. It's still just march. I already have potatoes and onions coming up from last year I won't have to plant. And all my spinach, kale and red mustard I planted in the cold frame last week is up and growing really good now. But it will be chilly tonight so I will put the windows back on.
This is a spider web on the front porch. So cool.

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