Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mazie is Almost Ready!

I have been checking on Mazie all during the day now. She is very close to calving. And I am very nervous and anxious and scared all at once. I so want her to be ok and the calf to be healthy. But I want her to wait til the weather is better. I purposefully planned it so she would have the calf in good weather but the weather is not cooperating with me. We have had a monsoon the past week and it's a sopping wet muddy mess out there. It's been sprinkling all day and the temp has been dropping. So tonight is NOT a good night to have a calf. I have told her this so I hope she will wait. I have her due date as the 14th. So just 4 more days to go. But today I saw goo. About a 3" clear goo hanging off the back end. Which, by the way, is very floppy and big. Oh my, I am so nervous. I have helped goats give birth, no problem. But a cow? I don't know. I hope she does ok and the calf will be strong and healthy, all on her own with no help from me. The Herefords up the road are popping calves out all over the place this week and last week. SO stinkin' cute! Mazie's calf will more than likely be black.

And Abby and Sandy still have about 5 weeks to go. I thought I was going to lose Abby a few weeks ago. I didn't know this, but she had gotten out (which I did know, thanks to Sandy!) and she got so sick a few days later. I thought she had ketosis which was strange because she had almost 2 months to go. So I dosed her with all the stuff for ketosis. She got better. I was out front a few days ago and saw what was once an azalea but is now just a stick. I do belive the pig goat ate the azalea. She is very lucky to be alive. I just hope the kids are ok. She did look like she had 2 basketballs on either side. But she is back to her mean ole goat self again.

And the pigs are growing like, well, pigs! They have til the middle of April then off to the butcher they go! Can't wait for some good fresh bacon and pork chops and sausage!

And yesterday I was feeding the turkeys and found 2 eggs! 2 eggs! I was so surprised to see them. They are 9 months old. Then this morning I found 3 more! So 5 eggs in 2 days. I went and found a few turkey roasting pans and filled them with pine shavings for them to hopefully lay the eggs in.

Last Friday a friend came with his big huge tractor and a big huge seeding machine to seed my front pasture with fescue. I know this is not the time to plant fescue. But like he said, you plant it when you can. SO we did. Then the next day we got flooded. I mean the pasture was under water. Well, then a few days ago we had a monsoon. It was under water again til today. So we'll see in a few weeks if the seed survived all this water. I did this to get the pasture ready for some spring lambs. A friend has some Suffolk sheep about to have lambs and I want some for meat. But I also want to find some wool sheep. I think I might try to find some Shetland sheep. Been researching them. They seem to be a small breed and the rams are supposed to be nice. Ha! Nice rams? We'll see.

So lots going on here at Outback Farm. It's almost spring! I want to get the garden tilled and planted too. But it is only March. I will try to get back and post about Mazie's succesful calf delivery soon.

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