Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mazie and Chuck

Oh my goodness. They are so cute together. I was a little worried about Chuck yesterday. He had a drippy nose. He was born when it was about 33 degrees so I was thinking he could get pneumonia. So I gave him a 1ml shot of LA200 yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I did. This morning she had brought him back over here to her hay bale mountain. And he has been peeing and pooping! So I know he's getting momma's good milk. And he's running around the hay mountain. She chases him. So cute.

And I have been milking her! And she lets me! But yesterday I noticed the back left quarter was brownish-red in color. So I called my dairy friend up the road. He said lots of 1st time heifers have that happen. Just to milk that quarter out. It could get better and it may not. He was amazed though when I told him she stands still and lets me milk her. It's like milking a big giant red goat. No problem. But this morning she raised her left leg a few times. I just hollered NO! real loud at her and smacked her leg. Then I tell her "Good girl". So I think it will be ok and she'll let me milk her. My friend said she won't have alot of milk this first time. And she is a beef cow. But as long as I can get a little bit for us. Anyway, this is fun. And he's so cute. Now I have to think about castrating the poor little guy as soon as possible. They should just be born without that little package.

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