Monday, January 10, 2011

On Being Anxious and Worrying

It is now 1:22 AM. I cannot sleep because I am being anxious about everything right now. First, we took the old gas logs, the whole thing, out of the fireplace so we could see if it would burn wood. Because we can't afford to buy propane. Because we are poor. So the chimney did draw up the smoke. I was very excited about that. We spent the day gathering and cutting wood. Then I called a guy to come deliver a rick of wood. Then I called the son-in-law who is a logger. He is working right up the road. He said to meet him there and we'd fill the truck up with green wood. So we did. Had the grandkids there and they really helped load. And unload. And bring some inside too. Great grands they are! All this because we were supposed to get slammed with a foot of snow and everything would be shut down and power could go out. And we are all electric here. So I was worried I'd freeze to death. Hubby had to leave to go back out in his truck so I'd be here alone. Now I am scared I am going to burn down the house! That's why I'm still up. I did the same thing last night. It's just an open fire and we don't have a real fire screen yet. So if anyone reads this, please pray I don't burn the house down with me and the dog and cat in it.

Then I am worried about paying this big huge electric bill I just got for Dec. Good grief! $313.00. That's another reason I wanted to burn wood for heat. We have a heat pump of all things. And the darn thing just blows out cold air. And we have to pay for being freezing cold. In the winter. And it will not shut off. It goes constantly. And all I see are money signs. Heat pumps SUCK! So last month we got one of those radiant heaters from Oreck. $400. Supposed to only cost $1. a day to run it. Ha! Anyway, I hate winter. I am ready to move on over to the big island. Right now.

So the other morning in my devotional I read Phil. 4:6-7. Be anxious for NOTHING but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication, with THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to GOD; and the PEACE of GOD, which surpasses ALL understanding, will gaurd your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. So there. Why am I still up then?

I've written myself a few notes of things I need to do in the morning because there is not a thing I can do about this right now. Except pray and give it all to my God. Who will take care of everything like He always does and always has done. Forever and always. Amen.

So goodnight then.

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Cattle and Cupcakes said...

Hey there! You know, we use nothing but wood and LOVE it. Our electricity bill is about $70 a month. We had a really old cast iron woodstove, but recently upgraded to a brand new Ashley brand woodstove-it was 900 bucks, but, when you compare that to the money you'd spend in electricity it's WAY worth it. The stove comes with a blower, which circulates the air around the house...with a series of fans, the whole house stays in the low 70's. We cut most of our own wood, although this year, due to the baby and me not being able to help get wood, we went ahead and bought some.

When our power went out, we still had heat-I cooked on that woodstove for two whole weeks while we were without power (we live WAY out in the middle of nowhere) so it is totally do-able! If you need any tips or pointers or anything let me know!