Friday, February 24, 2017

Bacon and goats

This is some of the bacon I just got back yesterday from my pig. I kept him up the road at my friend's farm with his pigs. We took them to the butcher a month ago. So Allen has a smoker and he smoked all the bacon for us. It is SO GOOD! Worth the wait. He also smoked some for too long and gave me some to use for seasoning beans and things. So today, I've had a pot of pinto beans going. Having them for dinner with corn bread!

My husband's been working on the driveway, clearing all the weedy trees and privet. he got a truckload of brush so I put the goats up front so they can eat some. They went right to it and started going at it! Happy girls right there!

Freya is due March 9th through 15th, then Olga  5 days later til the 20th or so. They are both HUGE! I so do not want them to have more than 2 each.

And the sheep are getting bigger too. Amarillo is so big, but I think part of hers is her wool. She's the only one that didn't get sheared in Sept. so her wool is pretty long. But she's poking out at the sides, so I know she's pregnant. She's the ewe that had quads last time. UGH! This is why I bred the goats to kid first, so I'll have milk. Just in case.

I can hardly wait to have goat milk again! Cow's milk is just not the same at all. It's like water to me. And we're getting raw milk from a friend.

The weather has been really warm lately. Trees are budding out, which makes the pollen count go sky high. I have been stuffed up now for a week. Even my ears. I hate this. I've been drinking dandelion tea, from flowers in the yard and garden. I hope it kicks in soon. My grand kids are the same way.

So sorry I've not been posting, but I haven't had a lot to say lately.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New gate.

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Since I was sick, I just have no motivation at all. I have to make myself get up and go. Maybe it's the weather too. Although, it's been so nice here lately. We have not even had a fire going til a few days ago. Windows open too. We do have to open windows sometimes because that wood heater really puts out some serious heat. It's usually 83 in the dining room which is next to the living room. So it's not too much longer til spring! I've been seeing daffodils popping up already!!

So my friend Beth, who gets goat milk from me, swapped me this great gate! I finally picked it up this past weekend. My husband wanted to put it up right away. So we set the posts yesterday and got it all finished this morning! SO much beter than the 2 pallets with the little piece of fence in the middle for a gate.

Here it is, all done. Farmer Tiny, so proud of it! He is a great guy really. It might take all day to do something, but he can still do it!

And here they go, through the new gate for the first time! And as usual, Sugar is the very last one anywhere. He just ambles everywhere, that alpaca. No hurry for him. He's so funny. I have seen him run a few times, but it's very rare.

And there they all are, through the gate. And we have never been able to get the latch part to be snug against the pole. Ever. So we have lots of bungee cords all over. But it works! And that's all that matters. It looks so much better. And it swings both ways. It'll be so much easier to get through without getting scratched by wire.

Thank you Beth! I got the other gate from her too, that goes to the goat yard.

So what's going on at your farms?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Some snow?

Don't know if you can see it, but these sheep and alpaca are covered in snow! It actually started snowing pretty good awhile ago, so I moved them back next door to where the hay is.

And the house has a little dusting of snow too. But it's already almost all gone. It might snow some more later. Who knows? Georgia is already being shut down and declared a state of emergency. Schools closed here and in Tn. Probably Alabama too. SO scary, this white stuff, around here! But, my brother lives in Colorado Springs, Co. and he said they shut the schools down the minute they hear of snow coming. I thought that was pretty funny!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


So I have been sick since last year .It started last week, Tuesday I think, with a cough. It grew to the flu. It was evil. After taking checks to Mrs. T's Wed. morning, I came home and went to bed and didn't get up til Saturday. It was bad. My throat hurt so bad I cried. A lot. I got up one of those mornings and almost past out. I lost almost 12 pounds.  I am somewhat better, but not like I want to be. I never want to go through anything like this again. My husband was sick too but I didn't know it.

And I have no pictures to share at all. It's just gloomy anyway here. We might get some snow! It's been raining a lot. Our local weatherman, David Glen, is a big liar. He said we would have a cold DRY winter. So far, there is not a dry spot out there. It's cold though. I think I would seriously consider moving to the Arizona desert for winters from now on.

I took the ram back home last week before I got sick. Thank goodness, he's gone! He was the biggest fattest ram ever! He was a real glutton. With him here, they went trhough a whole round bale of hay in less than 2 weeks. He had to go. Then I get panic attacks now, worrying if ALL the sheep are pregnant. UGH, what was I thinking????

Both goats are pregnant. Getting bigger every day. Already waddling. I've been getting cow milk from my friend Sarah. It's just not the same though.

I am making some ham and bean soup with the left over ham from Christmas. It smells so good in the house. I haven't cooked since last week.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. And wishing you all a happy healthy 2017!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from Outback Farm!

                   Wishing you ALL a very merry Christmas and happy fun new year too!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Some new items in shop.

Here are some new items in my shop. I just finished this pretty scarf that matches the knitted hat. They are both knit in the basket weave pattern. So pretty and soft. Not heavy at all. This is wool from my sheep that I've spun and dyed. $55 for the set. Or $35 for hat and $25 for scarf.

This is mohair I spun from some roving I bought last year. It's just a knit stitch. Very soft. I will be adding a button on the cowl. This hat is $40 and cowl is $25. Or $60 for the set.

These are some quilted bags my friend Cindy makes. They are perfect for knitting or crochet bags! Pockets all over to store knitting needles or crochet hooks and other tools and supplies. The one in the middle is $20 and the other 2 are only $15 each. I have one and I LOVE it!

I can ship too! I am in the process of getting set up to take Pay Pal! Just give me some time to get it all set up. I hope to be able to put a button here on the blog. And get some web sites set up as well.