Friday, February 24, 2017

Bacon and goats

This is some of the bacon I just got back yesterday from my pig. I kept him up the road at my friend's farm with his pigs. We took them to the butcher a month ago. So Allen has a smoker and he smoked all the bacon for us. It is SO GOOD! Worth the wait. He also smoked some for too long and gave me some to use for seasoning beans and things. So today, I've had a pot of pinto beans going. Having them for dinner with corn bread!

My husband's been working on the driveway, clearing all the weedy trees and privet. he got a truckload of brush so I put the goats up front so they can eat some. They went right to it and started going at it! Happy girls right there!

Freya is due March 9th through 15th, then Olga  5 days later til the 20th or so. They are both HUGE! I so do not want them to have more than 2 each.

And the sheep are getting bigger too. Amarillo is so big, but I think part of hers is her wool. She's the only one that didn't get sheared in Sept. so her wool is pretty long. But she's poking out at the sides, so I know she's pregnant. She's the ewe that had quads last time. UGH! This is why I bred the goats to kid first, so I'll have milk. Just in case.

I can hardly wait to have goat milk again! Cow's milk is just not the same at all. It's like water to me. And we're getting raw milk from a friend.

The weather has been really warm lately. Trees are budding out, which makes the pollen count go sky high. I have been stuffed up now for a week. Even my ears. I hate this. I've been drinking dandelion tea, from flowers in the yard and garden. I hope it kicks in soon. My grand kids are the same way.

So sorry I've not been posting, but I haven't had a lot to say lately.


Linda said...

The bacon looks awesome! I would love to find some local pork raised the right way. I think bacon is my favorite pork product and then fresh ham roast.

Girls are looking pretty big. I have one due March 8th and she is looking very big. Won't be long.


ps. I commented on a couple of post and realized they were not new post but old ones. The strange thing is my facebook had a notification like it was a new post on your blog. Didn't realize the date until after. So just wanted you to know so you don't think I have lost my mind. Take care.


Bob said...

This is Bob. Betty Ann says "Hi"!

She saw your response to Kristin. Thank you for asking about her.

She follows you, but has been unsuccessful in trying to post to your Blog.