Thursday, January 26, 2017

New gate.

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Since I was sick, I just have no motivation at all. I have to make myself get up and go. Maybe it's the weather too. Although, it's been so nice here lately. We have not even had a fire going til a few days ago. Windows open too. We do have to open windows sometimes because that wood heater really puts out some serious heat. It's usually 83 in the dining room which is next to the living room. So it's not too much longer til spring! I've been seeing daffodils popping up already!!

So my friend Beth, who gets goat milk from me, swapped me this great gate! I finally picked it up this past weekend. My husband wanted to put it up right away. So we set the posts yesterday and got it all finished this morning! SO much beter than the 2 pallets with the little piece of fence in the middle for a gate.

Here it is, all done. Farmer Tiny, so proud of it! He is a great guy really. It might take all day to do something, but he can still do it!

And here they go, through the new gate for the first time! And as usual, Sugar is the very last one anywhere. He just ambles everywhere, that alpaca. No hurry for him. He's so funny. I have seen him run a few times, but it's very rare.

And there they all are, through the gate. And we have never been able to get the latch part to be snug against the pole. Ever. So we have lots of bungee cords all over. But it works! And that's all that matters. It looks so much better. And it swings both ways. It'll be so much easier to get through without getting scratched by wire.

Thank you Beth! I got the other gate from her too, that goes to the goat yard.

So what's going on at your farms?


Linda said...

I think Sugar the alpaca is cute! Nice gate too. It's always nice to make little improvements on the farm.We need some new gates too.

We had finally had a dry spell here in the weather. For several weeks it was nonstop mud and rain. I was getting really depressed and the farm was so messy. Its been dry for over a week and we have finally had some sun....yippie!!!
Yesterday it was 53 degrees and sunny. It was so nice outside and we tapped our first trees for maple syrup making.It was a beginners kit I purchased from Amazon and its working pretty good. Going to collect some sap today and start boiling.


Kris said...

That sounds like such fun, tapping maple trees for syrup! You really don't get much from all those gallons and gallons of sap though. But well worth it. Have fun! Can't wait to see how much you get. And your little grandkids are adorable!