Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from Outback Farm!

                   Wishing you ALL a very merry Christmas and happy fun new year too!


Denny Gross said...

And the same to you. Thank you for all the wonderful posts; looking forward to the 2017 ones.

Linda said...

You also Kris and your family.Love the pictures. Was curious about the chicken photo. Are they looking out the window in their chicken house or are they looking inside your house through a window???

Our phone has been out for several days and still is not working. I guess the phone company has been off for holidays also. Strange tho our internet works most of the time. At least I can go to my favorite blogs and check in now that the company is gone.
I can actually take some time to just enjoy the farm and a little quiet time again. Its also finally sunny after so many days of rain and dark skies.Glad things have slowed down and so can I for a little while.

Take care and Happy New Years to you and yours!!!


Kris said...

Linda, they always gather at the kitchen door.

Linda said...

After I looked at the picture again. I realized they were looking in. It helps to put my glasses on....Hehe.