Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just some more wooly things. And dinner.

 I started spinning this pretty roving I got at SAFF from Heelside Farms. It's Border Leicester. It's looking like blue jean material as I spin it. I got 2 big rovings of this. And 2 darker blue rovings.

Isn't this pretty? Now I'm not sure what to ply it with. I have some white Marino I need to spin, so thought about plying that with this. Or just spin another bobbin of this and ply together? I would get more if I used the white with it though. Any suggestions?

And I've been making dryer balls the past few days too. I added colored wool to the white as I was carding it. I think they turned out cute. But smaller than I usually make them.

And for dinner, I made the sausage, kale and potato casserole from the new Taproot magazine that just came out. It is good! So glad I made it. I had all the ingredients, except Worcestershire sauce, so I used a little bit of organic soy sauce. Really simple recipe. From Ashley English. She has a blog called Small Measure. Check it out.

Saturday is the Bazaar Christmas Bazaar at Grace Episcopal Church in Brainerd. We get to go set up Friday afternoon. I am so glad. Because it's about 30 miles from here and takes SO long to unload and set everything up. Then I think I am done. I cannot hardly believe that 2 weeks from today will be Christmas Eve. Good grief, where has the time gone?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hot off the wheel!

 I just finished these 2 skeins of a wool-alpaca blend yarn. The larger skein is 140 yds. It's $24. The smaller one is 96 yds. and it's $18.

It's really soft and pretty. I blended some black alpaca with the white wool.

This would make a nice soft warm hat, cowl and some gloves for someone special. Or for yourself. I can ship anywhere in US  in a flat rate box for $5.95.

Eggs and fire wood.

My hens have started laying eggs on top of the big round hay bale! I love it. It's so much easier for me. Usually I have to bend way down to get eggs out of the nest boxes. Or climb up on things. Or crawl under things. Just to get eggs. So I am ok with this nest spot. I love my girls.

And the fire wood fairy came Monday. You can see here how much wood we've used so far. He filled it back up with already seasoned wood. We have a great wood fairy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In line...

 at the scratching post.

Silly sheep.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


 on some needle felting today and tomorrow for the Holiday Markets coming up the next 2 Saturdays. I know, I always wait til the last minute. I work better under pressure. I like doing it this way for some reason. When I have a long time to think about something, I don't like it.

The sheep. All these are made with my sheep's wool. The all black sheep is from black alpaca a friend gave me though. But the inside is my wool. It's so soft. I love alpaca fiber. I still have not spun any of my alpacas though. I will soon.

And some pin cushions so far. I love making these. And dryer balls too. But they take so long for me.

What are y'all working on these days? And Christmas gifts yet? I do believe that's what my family will be getting. Something wooly!

So yesterday and today the sun is out!!!! The winds blowing today, so hopefully it and the sun will dry us up here. It's freezing too. We had to start a fire up in the wood stove yesterday. Got to about 32 last night and is still cold. But no more rain til next Tuesday! And then just a little.

My sister and niece are heading up here from S. Ga. today. They'll be going to the markets with me to sell some of their things. Heidi's been working like a crazed woman on all kinds of cool stuff to sell. Can't wait to see her and Audrey and her things. And we are having our Thanksgiving dinner Sunday! Yay!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's December 1st?

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Crazy fast.

We have not had our wood stove on for about a week now. It's not been all that cold. Although it's been raining since Sunday. Just wet, wet, wet, everywhere! I do not like all this rain. I think since I have all these animals I have to keep fed and dry, it's harder on me. And I can't seem to find a good pair of much boots. I got some black rubber boots that go  about half way up my leg. But when I where shorts or capris, I get mud slung all over me. They're not tight boots, so I also get hay and dirt inside the boots too. I'll keep looking.

I just tried to post a picture but I got this box that popped up saying in order to select an item from my online storage, I have to sign in. That's Google. So I tried all that and still nothing. When did this happen?

I think it may be time to change to another blog site.