Tuesday, March 10, 2015


  I have lost 5 pounds already since this past Saturday! I feel so good too. My hands feel lots better. And I haven't had to drink any soda water because I feel so bloated.

  I decided I need to lose weight and eat better. So I have stopped eating sugar and anything with flour. Basically just  eating fruits, veggies and meat. And kombucha. No coffee because I had to have a lot of Natural Bliss creamer. It's SO good but has sugar. I've been drinking dandelion tea with my friend's honey. (I hope to have my own honey soon!) And of course cheese and eggs too. And fresh raw cow's milk.

  I really do feel so much better. And down 5 pounds already!!!!  I haven't even craved any sweets either.

  I'll be getting into the garden soon, when we dry out. So I'll be more active then. Can't wait to get started again. I have all kinds of plans. Just need to have some dryer ground.

  So y'all please send some good thoughts my way so I can continue this way. I would so appreciate it.

  So in the water situation, we have none. I am so bummed about this. We were using the well water. It's never been used this much, ever. I've only used it to water the gardens some. And the animals. So, it's been flipping breakers. Like a LOT. A friend came today and seems to think it's the well motor thing. And that's about $500. As much as I like the thought of using well water (it's free) we will just go ahead and get the plumbers here and get the new water line done. Plus, I'll get a faucet in the garden too! That is something I have wanted for years. Can't wait to get that. So, in the meantime, we have no water in this house. I am thankful for the rain, which is in several buckets now. And a 50 gallon barrel out back that catches rain water. That's our toilet flushing water.

And we should be getting all this amazing wool sheared off this month! Can hardly wait. But would like it a lot dryer please.

Monday, March 9, 2015

This guy...

 He's the best rooster we have ever had. Black Bart. I think he's a Black Giant? His girls are a mix of the same and Black Sex Link. I had 10 hens, but 3 died back in Nov. Not sure why. So 7 are left. By the way, got 7 eggs yesterday! I love my hens.

So yesterday was beautiful. Warm and sunny. Just perfect. We had our oldest and youngest grand daughters with us. Chloe, the oldest, had some popcorn. I told her to throw some down and see what happens. She did. Black Bart was right there. The hens were scattered all over the yard. He starts making his clucking sounds, calling the girls to the food he found. He's amazing. All the girls come running and he backs up and lets them eat. Never ate a single piece.

Chloe threw more down and the same thing. He clucks, the hens come, he steps back and lets them eat.

I told the girls, this is the kind of guy you want to find. Someone who will give you space, but is always there to protect you, no matter what. He'll give you the last bite of food. He won't be jealous, but let you have your time. He will fight for you. He will always be watching for trouble. And will love you til he has no more breath in him. That's the kind of man you want to look for.

He's also never ever tried to hurt anyone. Never even made a move like he would either. Such a gentle giant.

He's the best, Black Bart.

#7 is always off doing her own thing.  A loner. Marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn't need any help I guess.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Are we done yet?

I am hoping after Friday, we are in for a bit of a dry spell. That's what Paul said, anyway. As much as I don't really believe the weather forecasters, I want to believe this time. Going down to the 20's tonight (Thursday) and cold Friday, but on the uphill climb after this. I am ready.

8 dreads now!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feels like Spring today.

 But just for today. We have windows open because it's SO hot in the house. But we need to keep the fire going because tonight, after a day in the high 60's, it will be down in the low 30's with a pretty good chance of snow and crud. Schools will be closed probably. But today is really nice.

The girls are out in full force, gathering all the pollen they can get on their little tiny legs. Can you see all those beautiful colors they're wearing? Busy bees today!

And the daffodils finally decided to go ahead and bloom. The ones out back had just a few little blooms so I didn't get any of them.

And the wood pile grew! Our good friend Kidd and his son CW came by yesterday and had a truckload of wood. Kidd was worried we'd run out. He's such a good friend. This is where most of our wood has come from the past few years. He has 20 acres up on the mountain and goes through and cuts all the dead trees for us. So thankful for good friends.

Yesterday was my day with mom. We went to the new Hobby Lobby. They had the cutest bandannas  for just .99. She got a few for her little dog so I decided Bubba and Stella needed their own. They looked so cute with them on. Of course I couldn't get a good pic of Stella. But this one's good of Bubba. He's so sweet.

Sure wish I could get out in the garden. But it's a mud pit for awhile. Some friends are already getting veggie starts going in green houses. So jealous. One day, we will get out there.

And I have 6 dreads now! I've been washing my hair with home made shampoo bar a friend makes. No conditioner. So it's like a big frizz ball with this wonky weather. I haven't been brushing it either. So I have several strands of hair that just want to be together, so I'll twist and rip them. So now I have 6! It's so fun. But going to be a long slow process, doing it myself. I only want the bottom done, so I can sort of hide them if I want to. People are so strange and judgmental, if people look different than they do. I have always been a little bit different. I never liked to go the same way as everyone else. I like to do my own thing. So this is something I have thought about doing for years now and it's just the right time to do this. For me. Not anyone else. And I am really liking it. I will get a good picture soon. But right now, my head is a frizzy mess!

I hope you all are having a great 4th day of march! It's hump day y'all!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 I love trees. And something about bare trees, all naked and waiting to give birth to new leaves, is so awesome to me. And the first signs of little tiny baby green leaves makes me so happy! Like they're telling me that winter is finally over and new life will be popping up all over soon. Such a happy time.

And they seem to have so much character, these bare naked trees. All their curves and bends. Some are rough and some are smooth. Some are so old, they are just barely standing straight. Like the first strong wing that blows will just knock them to the ground.

Some grow up together, all entwined with their neighbor, but with no arguments, only love for each other. Some have stories to tell, if they could but talk. Oh, the sights some of these old trees have seen in their amazing lifetime. I would love to hear those stories.

Trees are amazing and I hope they will be around forever. And soon, these same trees will burst forth with beautiful leaves for all to see and enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bees all out all over the place today!!! Loaded with red and yellow pollen. oh, what a happy day!

Bees are doing well.

Yesterday, the bees were out.  Some were full of red pollen from the maple trees. They've had big fat buds on them for over a month now. I love seeing the bees coming back to the hive with legs all full of red pollen.

Lots of dead bees in front of the hive too. But that's a good sign. That means the live bees are cleaning house and making room for all the new bees that will be hatching soon.

You can see all the buds on the maple trees. So pretty. It's the 2nd day of March. And we will have lots of rain this week and a chance of more snow Thursday. They are calling for 1 1/2". So probably no school. Again. School was out Tuesday through Friday last week.

I am SO glad to tell February goodbye! It's been a crazy month. There is nothing but mud out there now. And I hate mud. I was just worn out this morning. I got a wagon full of old hay to lay down for a path for the sheep to walk on. And me. It just wears me out trudging through all this mud. Worse than sand. So, more rain and snow this week. Maybe we'll have dry ground one day.