Friday, October 10, 2014

My "ewe"nique flock...

is ready for their trip to market in the morning. I had fun making these guys. I love how each one is so different from the next. The blue one is my favorite. But then they all are. I love sheep! I'm working on a Nubian goat. It's really hard.

Have a great weekend!

Slow down and have a seat.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fallen leaves...

there's starting to be a lot of them, all over now. And with all the storms we're having, that just makes them fall faster. We have several maple trees in the yard and down the driveway.  Most are Silver maples. But in the corner of the yard is a beautiful red maple. I also planted a Sugar maple a few years ago in the front yard. It's not doing as well as some of the other maple trees I've planted. I hope it will take off soon. They are so pretty.

 Yesterday, on the way home from the farmer's market, I just had to pull over and stop. In front of me were the most beautiful clouds I had ever seen. They were huge and probably a few miles ahead. I was facing South. There was a big white cloud surrounded by light gray clouds and a long narrow shelf of cloud underneath. I wish I had my camera so I could have taken pictures of this. So the outer clouds had the most beautiful lightening, that would light up the clouds almost pink. It was awesome. I don't usually like storms, but this one had my full attention. Every few minutes, there would be a long streak of lightening shooting straight down. But the colors were amazing. And it was very slow, moving to the east. I probably sat there 30 minutes watching this beautiful cloud show. Just thinking about how awesome God is. And how powerful. But then it started getting dark, and I hate night storms, So I went on home. And it got darker and darker. It had already went through my area. The roads were all wet. When I got home, the sheep and alpacas were out back, in the barn. It must have been pretty fierce for them to have gone in the barn.

I am going to town, to the courthouse today, to see what I need to do to get my little studio opened as a fiber art store. I have no idea. Maybe a small business license? I will find out soon. I hope I will be able to do this here. I am just a little frustrated with the farmer's market right now. I am not making anything extra after fees and gas and time. I will also go around to some little shops and see if they might let me put my soaps and fiber art on display. Or sell them soap. Don't know how that works either. Will find out soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hints of color here and there...

just a little color now. But it's coming!

We've had some pretty intense storms here the last few nights. In Ringgold, to the East of us here, they had an F1 tornado go through and do a lot of damage. No one was hurt. But really scary. Then again early this morning. Not near as bad. I hate these night time storms.

What's it like in your neck of the woods now?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The wood pile in October...

 is really cool. This is oak from the "million dollar" tree at Mrs. T's. She had to have it cut down last year. It took us half the year to get it all cut up and brought here to use. So it's still growing this really pretty fern. And the pretty patterns the fungi (?) makes on some of the logs is amazing.

There is so much art all around us. We just need to look for it. Sometimes it's in the strangest places. But it's out there.

                                                  Look at the lines in this wood. So pretty!

I winder how many fairies and gnomes live here?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday on the farm

Last night it got down to around 39 degrees. It was cold! But we didn't turn the heat on. Or start a fire yet. My husband had that procedure done Friday on his leg veins and the doctor said no heavy lifting for awhile. So no getting in firewood for him yet. I guess if I have to I will. But sure is nice to have someone else do it for me. And it gives him something to do, right? He's doing great so far. His legs are warm, which is a miracle in itself. We are hoping now that he is getting a good blood flow to his foot now, that that nasty ulcer will heal faster. So for now, he is taking it easy. Been watching this boring show all day called Jessie Stone. I am so glad I've been busy all day. But when I come in, all I hear is that boring music and droning voice.

So I have been in my studio, making soap and a few fairies. And taking lots of pictures too. Here are some of the animals of Outback Farm...

Louise, the cow. I think she looks a lot bigger than when she came here a few months ago. And the sheep and alpacas hang out with her now.

These darn chickens. I got 2 eggs today. I found 9 eggs over in my flower garden a few days ago. I'll get 6 or 7 eggs in the nester in the coop most days. But then I have to go on egg hunts to find more. I am sort of getting tired of this. They are laying them some place that I can't find now and I am not liking it. I have only gotten 2 dozen eggs since Thursday. Not good when I need to sell them at the market. Eggs go for $6 a dozen right now. So I think these guys will be in chicken jail for awhile again.

This is Sybil. I've had this cat for about 9 years now. I got her and her brother from a friend. My daughter took the boy a little later. Had them both fixed. I have all my cats and dogs fixed. She's a good cat. She is deaf. I sneak up on her sometimes and it scares her. I don't mean to. I have 5 other cats. All as old or older than she is. And the fig trees have doubled in size since last year. They have little figs on them, but I don't think I'll be getting any.

Here's my alpaca boys. I've had these guys a year now and have probably touched them maybe 5 times? The red one. The white one maybe 2 times. He just does not like me. He tolerates me, but does not like me. I always get the ears back and that silly look when I talk to him. The red one is a little more friendly. But if they see me with the water hose, they come closer to get hosed down. They love getting wet on a hot day.
I like these guys, but they sure are strange animals. Maybe one day, they'll like me. From what I hear, they live a very long time. So maybe, just maybe, we might learn to like each other by then.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend. It's been a beautiful fall weekend here. The trees have just a hint of color now. My mom's eye has more fall color than the trees do right now! It's all kinds of yellow. Her hand is not different colors anymore, except her thumb.  And her knee is a bit better. Except that she mowed her yard Thursday. She said she probably shouldn't have. Ya think. mom? But she's stubborn.

I did make more soap today. I'll post pics this week. Some different soaps for sure.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday ramblings...

 This is my little harvest yesterday for market. Lots of nice young tender kale, radishes and okra. Those apple are from my new trees. They are so good and crunchy and juicy. I think they are Golden Delicious. I love them. And so sweet.

I just don't sell a lot of produce at the Wed. market. I don't know why. I did sell some kale and okra, but that was it. There's a church that comes at the end and gets any left over stuff people will give them. So I gave them some. But took a lot to my mom and some for her friend. It could be that people are just used to me selling soap and wool stuff. I just don't know. I'll try a few more weeks and see.

I called my friend Susie last night to see if she wanted to come out today to learn to make soap. So she came this morning. I also had my bee friend coming to check on my bees. But he couldn't come this morning like he was going to, so came later this afternoon. Which worked out perfect. Bees are doing good, but no honey is being built up in the upper box for winter. So I have to start pumping the sugar water to them Darn it. I didn't want to have to do that. But the hive out back was already eating what honey they did have stored. Poor bees. So I did start the sugar water.

Anyway, Susie came and we went to the studio to make some soap. She picked out a nice Cedar-Saffron EO and we got to soaping. I'm not the best teacher, and she had been doing some reading and watching videos, so knew a little. But had never had any hands-on learning. So I showed her how to pour the lye and let her do some. Then did the oils. I let her stir and do the stick blender. It was fun. Got the soap in the mold. Now have to wait the horribly long 2 days to unmold it.

 This is her soap. I had to peek and take a picture a little later. We added some paprika for color. I was hoping it would be a little red. I guess I need to add a whole lot more next time. I put about 2 T. in. But who knows what the soap will look like in 2 days. It sure does smell good.

I went back over after my bee friend left. I wanted to try the wine soap next. I had already simmered the wine earlier. Had it cooling in the freezer. Got all my oils melted already. Then got the wine and added the lye to it. It started bubbling up so fast. This happened with the room temp kombucha and I lost all of that. So I started to stir and stir. It came right to the top of the container but I kept stirring. I also started filling the sink with cold water and ice too. It finally calmed down and stopped. I never lost any of it. Isn't that a pretty color? Almost like butterscotch. It's a citrus wine so I added orange and lemon EO's.

This is the wine soap in the mold. Looks orange-brownish now. Again, it will look totally different in 2 days, and even a week later. I love making soap.

I have 3  more soaps I want to make next. One with some grape juice I had canned last year. Another with muscadines I canned last year too. And another with apple spiced Chai tea and spiced apples I had canned too. Yum! But for some reason, I just don't want to make any more today.

My husband had a foot appt. today. He had gone to a doctor that specializes in circulation, whatever that's called, last week and again a few days ago. They were wanting to do a test where they'll go down in his artery in his right leg to check for a blockage. If they can, they will bust it up. If not, they'll do a stint. So he called awhile ago and said they're wanting to do it in the morning at 10. Good thing I have someone to stay with Mrs. T. tomorrow already.

And this weekend is a quilting class I want to go to. It starts at 5 Friday til 9. Then all day Saturday. I already know how to quilt. I just want to get familiar with my new sewing machine. And make a quilted banner for my market booth. I looked through my fabric stash and found some that'll work just fine. I am excited now to finally have a farm banner.

Here's my 2 dirty alpaca boys. They sure love to be hosed down. And it's been really hot here. And awfully dry. In the high 80's yesterday and today. AC is back on here. But that all changes after tonight!!! Cooler days and nights! And lots of rain coming too.

So if you don't hear any more from me here til next week, it's because I'll be busy. I hope you all have a great weekend!