Thursday, February 28, 2013

All around the country and back again

This yeast has been all over the country. Traveling with my husband in his big truck. It was quite the mystery too.

I was going to make bread several weeks ago. I always keep the yeast in a container like this in the freezer. It's also the same type containers I put food in for my husband to take with him on the road when he leaves. And I usually pack everything for him , well, because he's a man. But that particular time, he was leaving like very early morning and I just told him where things were.

Anyway, when I went to make bread, I could not find that yeast. Anywhere. I cleaned out the freezer looking for it. It was no where to be seen.

Meanwhile, my husband had called wanting to know what was in that square container with the blue lid. I had no idea. And couldn't figure it out.

It all came together when I had to go pick him up from his truck when he came home. He was handing me stuff from his truck and gave me this container. He said that's what he's been carrying all over the country, not knowing what it was, all this time. And it was my yeast!

I was So happy to have it back. And to know what happened to it. Now I am making bread! And the house smells so good again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outside today

(This is Gracie on the left with her 2, Beatrix on left and Tater Tot in the middle. Then Leelah with her little Blossom.)

I let all the new mommas out with their lambs this morning for some fresh air and a little green grass. It was a bit chaotic for awhile, with lambs running around chasing other ewes, asking them if they are their mommas. Then getting butted away. Then finally it all settled down, with the right lambs staying with the right mommas. All is well again.

So just went back out, to take lamb pics. In my long johns. Still haven't gotten dressed. I did have my Carhart jacket on, thank goodness. Because when you go outside wearing pj's to take lamb pictures, people will come to see. And they did. First was the meter reader. Then as he's trying to back down the driveway, in backs the FedEx truck, to bring me my elderberries. So yeah, if ya want company, wear your pj's outside. And of course no make up. And hay in your hair is an added bonus. At least I did have my bra on.

It's not bad out right now. But the weather people say we can have flurries and cooler temps the next 3 days.

Here's Darla with her 2, #8 and #7. Haven't come up with names for them yet. B names this year. Except for Tater Tot. Just because.

Both Darla and Gracie are doing much better.   And the lambs are just too stinkin' precious!


So this morning I have no goat's milk for my coffee. What to do? I have to have milk in my coffee. My daughter does not like goat milk so gets store bought milk. I know. A gallon of store bought milk (well, that's actually questionable to say milk) in my fridge. So I tried some. And man, is there a big difference. It does not taste good to me at all. It tastes like sugar water, that's about it.

So today, while I am out, I will go to my friends and get some of her cow milk and some home made yogurt. Because I will not be able to use my goat's milk for about another week while I am treating them for all their ailments. Actually, Penelope is fine, but I will treat her along with the rest of them. I just want them all to be healthy. And I know they will be.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the way to Florida

Well, these 2 little boys are on their way to Florida right now. I had put ads on CL this morning and had a call almost right away about them. These people were on their way back home to Fla. and wanted to swing by here and get them. So they did. And they are gone now. I am so relieved. I'm sorry that sounds bad, but I really do not like bottle feeding kids, especially bucks. And I am only milking poor little Penelope right now and didn't really have a lot of milk, since she still has Phoebe to feed too. And poor Abby. She is just skin and bones. And so old and tired. It was a mistake to breed her, I know that now. So right now, I can concentrate on getting her back in shape.

Also have a lady from Macon interested in Phoebe and possible Zarah's buckling too! She will come Sunday.

And another guy called about getting Zarah's doeling for his daughter when she's weaned. Plus a ewe lamb too. So cool!

I do love baby goats. But I did say I would not be keeping any this year. And it looks like I won't be. I have 2 more does to kid, but that will be in a few months. Well, Sandy could go sooner. But ZeeBoo is probably only a few months now. And the weather will hopefully be so much better then. I will NEVER breed for early kids or lambs again.

So I feel so much better already. You just don't know. Well, probably, since that's what I have been blogging about. So hopefully, my new posts will be a bit brighter!

Also, Gracie and Darla are eating lots of hay today!! And drinking water again. I wormed all the mothers today with Valbazen. I wish I could let the ewes and lambs out but it's just too nasty and going to be raining and snow flurries for the next few days. Zarah is going outside now and eating grass. And ate grain tonight too! So did Abby. And some apples. She loves apples.

A dog's life

Oh, to just be a dog for a day! What a life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just really discouraged right now.

The vet came after lunch today. He has helped me before. I like him. But today, for some reason, I felt like he really didn't know much. We saw Darla first. She's up front in a stall. He went in and felt her. She's a really big ewe. Part Suffolk and Finn. And her wool is at least 8" long right now, so that makes her look bigger. She is probably just skin, bones and wool. Bet she's always the first one to the feed bowls and pushes everyone else out of the way so she gets the most feed. He took her temp. 103. He gave her a shot of Dexamethasone, for pain and is supposed to make her hungry. They got a fecal too, to check for worms. He also said that where there are chickens there is Cocidiosis. I have 4 hens and a roo. They are all over the place. Gracie just had her lambs in the chicken coop, where there is a lot of chicken poop. (And now Gracie is not eating tonight.) I will be getting a bottle of that Dex from the vet.

Then off to see Abby and Zarah out back in the goat barn. First Abby. He took her temp. 97.9. way too cold. He drew blood for blood work. (He called later and her red blood cell count was 16. It would have been way lower but I've been giving her Red Cell.) Also gave her a shot of Dex. I did put a heat lamp on her and wind proofed some more. It's warm in her stall now. Just went out there to check on her. She was up eating hay. She also ate some grain with alfalfa pellets. She also ate an apple and 3 slices of wheat bread this afternoon.

Next was Zarah. He took a fecal from her and also gave her a shot of Dex. He called with her results and said she was loaded with worms. As was Darla. So I am guessing ALL the sheep and goats are loaded with worms now.He also said she has Cocidia. Hmm. He asked me if they got medicated feed. I said no. These are milk goats. We drink the milk. He said they need medicated feed. That this is an on going thing and that would be the best treatment for them. I will check around and see what the bags say about contaminating the milk.

When we were in with Darla, he asked me why I have sheep. It kind of took me by surprise. I couldn't really come up with a great answer then, other than I like them. And I like lamb meat. And I sell it. And I have wool sheep for wool. But it made me think. Why do I have sheep? Why do I have goats? I do ask myself that a lot when I am so busy with them that I don't have time for anything else. Or I can't go anywhere because I have to milk twice a day. Or they all start hollering as soon as I walk out the door. Or they get out and I have to chase them all over the yard. Or they get out and I can't find them. I really don't know why I have these animals. Sometimes I want to leave them all and run away. But then I go out there and sit with them. The sheep just make me happy. They calm me. They talk to me. They can be a little pushy when they are scared. But I think they trust me. They come running when I call them. They follow me. We have a routine. They know me. And I think they like me.

The goats are crazy. They drive me crazy. They do things that make me mad. A lot. I cuss at them sometimes. Yes I do. They are crazy neurotic animals. Totally opposite of the sheep. But I love them too. When they are all fed and milked and happy, then I can go in there and talk to them and pet them and love on them. And they let me. Except Zarah. I have no idea what I have done to that goat, but she will not let me get too close to her. But when she was in labor, she let me rub her back and belly. I was there to pull her big buck kid out for her. But now I have to give her shots and shove big ole syringes full of icky stuff down her throat.  We'll be ok though.

So yeah, he made me think. And sometimes I really couldn't tell you why I have sheep. Or goats. Or cats and dogs. Or even chickens. Because sometimes it's not fun. Or easy. Sometimes I really don't like any of them. But then I go out there and pick up a beautiful little goat kid or lamb. And the momma comes over looking for them and licks their little face. That right there makes it ALL worth it.

Gracie Belle and her sweet lambs

And here is Gracie with her new lambs! The red one is a ram lamb, #9. He looks a lot like her ram lamb from last year, Axel. And the black one is #10, a ewe lamb! She is adorable. And Gracie is such a good mother. Very protective. Every time I'd try to get a picture of both lambs together, she'd get in front of them.

She's doing good so far. I am proud of her. And the lambs are already bouncing around. She had to take the 3rd stall, which is the chicken coop. She had them around 6:30 this morning.

Now Fiona is going to have hers next, hopefully today. I let Leelah out of her stall, and Fiona went right in. So we shall see.

So far, 3 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs! Not bad for 3 sheep lambing. I had just 5 last year from 5 ewes.