Thursday, August 10, 2017


Sorry this is turned sideways. But this is my husband. This is when we first met. He was in a motorcycle club called the Rappers. They called him Tiny. I didn't know his real name til almost before we got married. Seriously.

We went to the Sherrill family reunion this past weekend and someone brought this box of pictures from years of the reunion. We got to take some of our families pictures. There were some really funny ones! And some of my girls when they were younger that we had to really look close because they looked like the grand daughters.

                        This is us. The girls are probably 11 and 9 here.So cute and sweet!

                           And this is probably 3 or 4 years later. Teen agers! They grew so fast!

It was really fun looking at all the pictures of everyone who's come to the reunion for all these years. This was my 38th year going. It's changed a lot through the years. So many people not here any more. And so many more new ones coming.


Andrea Grimes said...

Wish we could've been there. Ever since I've been diagnosed with TN, I don't go very far from home. :(

We miss and love all you and the family is always in our thoughts.

Iris said...

Gary and I always looked forward to the Sherrill reunion. We attended many, and enjoyed each one immensely. I miss going and seeing the family. We felt like we were part of the Sherrills!

Kris said...

Andrea, we missed y'all too. I'll post a few more pictures of you guys soon. Sure would love to see y'all. I've seen a few posts of you talking about what you've been going through recently. Please call me sometime, when you can. Would love to talk!

Kris said...

Mom, everyone asked about you. Maybe next time you will be able to come. And yes, y'all were very much a part of the Sherrill family! Remember how most of them thought thought y'all were Sherrills?